Fried Foods Increases the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

gestational diabetes risk

During pregnancy, if you are consuming increased amount of fried foods, your risk of developing gestational diabetes is doubled. Harmful chemicals present in fried foods, such as fried chicken and chips affect the body’s sugar controls.

Eating fatty or greasy foods can dramatically increase the chance of developing gestational diabetes, research reveals. 1 out of every 20 expectant women develops this condition. If the condition remains undetected, it could cause premature birth or birth defects, or babies may die after labor.

Women consuming friend foods regularly were at least 88% more prone to develop diabetes. According to experts, pregnant women should only eat a balanced diet.

Pregnancy is the time when a woman’s appetite changes dramatically. Enjoying an omelet, chips, fried chicken or pizza is very common – but it also increases the risk of gestational diabetes. Although gestational diabetes is a temporary disorder, it affects many women.

A Harvard University research shows that frying releases certain harmful chemicals into our foods that affect the body’s sugar controls.

Gestational diabetes is caused when women, in their pregnancy, don’t produce adequate insulin. This, in turn, increases their blood sugar level abnormally.

Gestational diabetes frequently affects pregnant women in their last trimester i.e., the final 3 months. Women with gestational diabetes are advised to undergo a caesarean section to avoid complications.

Generally, gestational diabetes disappears as the baby is delivered. It is caused by some hormones secreted in pregnancy, which reduces the usefulness of the insulin.

In fact, research clearly shows that women who consume fried foods 7 times per week are 88% more likely to have gestational diabetes in comparison with others who had the same once weekly or less.

The detrimental side effects of consuming fried foods on diabetes, typically gestational diabetes, may also result from sudden modification of diet and food habits, frying medium as well as the generation of potentially harmful by-products while foods are being fried.

The effect of fried food on women’s health is such that researches have urged women, especially belonging to the reproductive age, to try and cut back on all kinds of fried food and reduce risks.

Studies have clearly indicated that limited consumption of fried foods is the only way to prevent gestational diabetes in pregnancy. As such, women who are sexually active and reproductive at the same time should not consume fried foods.

Gestational diabetes has similar symptoms as diabetes, such as fatigue, increased thirst and frequent need to go to the toilet. These symptoms can be comforted by pills or diet, which lowers blood sugar level.

Unhealthy diet, to be precise, is the cause of weight gain. Weight gain and obesity are commonly linked with diabetes. The relation has been well-established by various researches worldwide.

Women who wish to start a family should lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle begins with a balanced meal plan and regular exercise, which reduces the risk of certain ailments that could develop with age or other contributing factors.

Once gestational diabetes is detected, it should be treated with adequate support and medication. Undetected gestational diabetes can cause various complications for the mother as well as the baby.