Make Trendy and Funny Crafts with Paint Dipping

Photo: Whipperberry

Paint Dipping is undoubtedly the new hot trend; it involves the use of simple, solid colors and its main characteristic is the lack of patterns and designs, becoming a fun method for those who like doing things on their own, in order to get a modern feeling in their house.

After all, the DIY projects for home decoration pop all over, giving a new image to various pieces from kitchen utensils to furniture. The dip and play method is a wonderful way to give items and crafts in the house new bright colors, and allows to experiment with colors prefer the most, adding a personal touch to the house!

The great advantage of the DIY paint dip method is that it is a rather easy technique to master. Heather from ‘Whipperberry’ was the first to demonstrate the adorable paint dipped vases she created herself. The method was simple and fun at the same time.

She dipped the holders into a flat craft paint, and then dipped them into a pearlized paint of the same shade to get the look she actually wanted.  It was pretty simple, and it took just 20 minutes in total for the vases. This way anyone who tries it will get crafts of great quality and phenomenal colors.

Paint dipping can work on different types of crafts or even accessories, including small trays, baskets, bowls and large pieces of furniture. What is required is imagination, willingness to try and experiment, and a good flow of creativity.

However, the level of expertise required depends on the item that will be dipped painted; for instance, stools, chairs and small items with a sleek surface require less effort and more imagination; in the case of larger pieces of furniture, such as dressers, the main idea is the same, but the process could be a little more complicated, requiring an eye for the detail so as to achieve an elegant and smart result.

In any case, this DIY technique is gaining more and more fans all over the world, since it is not just a new trendy idea, but also a fine way to give a simple, yet smart makeover to older crafts and items, and to add color to anything that could blend in. It is also a very fun way to create gifts for friends, bringing to life older and unused items and home accessories for them.