Leadership Questions & Answers Essay Example

Leadership Questions & Answers Essay

Question 1

Disciple, Admirer, pupil, imitator, henchman, apostle, believer, devotee, worshipper, adherent, vassal, lackey.

Question 2

In my opinion, the purpose of leadership is the establishment of order. Leaders have to bear the burden of watching over everyone and ensuring order in a society or group exists. Furthermore, they act as a light for everyone giving guidance and direction and forming a path upon which everyone else can trudge on.

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Management Question & Answer Essay Example

Management Questions & Answers Essay

What do you think are the most important concepts that you learn in Principles of management.

To start with, it should be mentioned that every management principle described among Principles of management places vital role in the managing ecosystem. However, there are several core concepts that creates a powerful background for other principles and keep the whole system balanced.

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Sample Essay On Code Of Ethics And Standards For Practice

Code of Ethics and Standards for Practice Essay

In the contemporary world, ethics is the core driver in the organizational workplace. Its principles and policies are integrated to govern transparency, confidentiality and peaceful coexistence with all diverse population. This is because the code of ethics provides necessary boundaries to ensure that professionalism in the workplace is accentuated for its productivity. Therefore, this essay offers an insight into the contrast and comparison of AACA, APA, and ACA. It also provides discussion on how guidelines of each organization can support the needs of its clients.

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School Safety Guidelines Sample Essay

School Safety Essay Example

Working in an environment with little safety standards can be risky for workers. The safety manager for Podunk University in Colorado left work one and a half years ago. After completing college, I became the new safety manager at the University with strategies for safety. As a new Safety manager, I would have to work on hazardous materials and waste issues to make the institution safer for workers and students.

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Sample Essay On Why Parenting Styles Matter When Raising Children

Parenting Styles Essay Examples

Parenting styles influence the growth of the children in different aspects that is in physical, personality, and in their behavior development. Children raised together and sharing a similar background may adopt different personalities depending on the extremes of their parent behaviors. Children tend to relate and emulate their parents in terms of behaviors, personalities, and characters. There are four categories of parenting styles in terms of how they influence the livelihood of the children, and they include authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved parenting designs. The report establishes different approaches that influence the livelihood of the children, such as corrective techniques, nurturing, interaction, and discipline as well as the guidance measures. The interaction of the parents with their children tends to influence their future in terms of behavioral, personalities, and also physical development. Therefore, the study focuses on elaborating on the reason why parenting styles are critical when raising children.

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Sample Essay On Machiavelli’s and Lao-Tzu’s Approach to Gun Control

Gun Control Essay Example

Different philosophers approached the concept of governance from specific angles. Specifically, Niccolò Machiavelli approaches this topic from the practical and cynical standpoint by implying, “any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good” (Machiavelli and Marriott 38). This statement can be interpreted as a recommendation to the leaders to refrain from good deeds in an intention to execute excellence. As Machiavelli considers, the majority of people are far from being good or are able to manifest excellence. Consequently, an individual, who managed to achieve a high level of moral excellence, will become a threat to others. Machiavelli advises the leaders to learn how not to be good and use knowledge only when it is required in order to retain authority (Machiavelli and Marriott 38). Machiavelli has a cynical approach to governance by claiming that good people usually lose to the wicked ones, as their methods and abilities are limited. According to this approach, bad people have a huge advantage over the good ones since they are able to do whatever it takes to attain their goals.

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Amnesia Essay Sample

amnesia essay example

Amnesia is the loss of memory due to various factors that affect the healthy cognitive functioning of the brain. The study of amnesia is essential to the understanding of the brain functioning and the different parts of the brain that control memory. This paper provides detailed research into amnesia starting with the history of amnesia, which can be traced back to a patient named Henry Molaison. It also shows the normal cognitive functioning of the brain, a condition in which it can process information quickly and stores both short-term and long-term memory. The study provides a more in-depth insight into the disease by explaining the two types of amnesia. The first is anterograde amnesia a situation in which the brain cannot form new memories. Retrograde amnesia is a condition in which the brain loses its normal ability to retrieve information about events that happened before the onset of amnesia. The paper outlines the various causes of amnesia. They include traumatic brain injury, hypoxic ischemia, intracranial surgery that is the surgical process of treating temporary lobe epilepsy and cancer, which damages the hippocampus. Stress is also explained as a causative factor in the development of amnesia. The study provides current research in which amnesia can be caused by biological forces and not through detectable brain damage through the process of dissociation. The paper proposes a new area of study, which is the effect of approaches of preventing amnesia.

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Leadership Essay Example

leadership essay examples

Leadership theories are widely accepted schools of thought which can be used to describe the individual rise to helms of leadership in an organization. The biggest aspiration of the arguments is to emphasize behaviors, or attitudes that can be adopted by individuals to boost them on their way to become reputable leaders. Personal leadership skills are usually inherent abilities, which require nurturing to fine tune. Despite the emergence of leadership concepts, there have been divergent opinions bearing in mind that they attract huge interests. Transformational leadership is required for the success of any unit. Leaders give guidance other than setting goals for a team.

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Sample Essay About Love

sample essay on love

Love is a contentious issue; people perceive and experience differently. Philosophers, scientists, poets, and writers have favored the topic for generations, but they continue to argue over its ideal definition. I believe that love is an intricate set of philosophies, emotions, and behaviors typically associated with strong feelings of warmth, admiration, protectiveness, and kindness for another person.

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Summary Essay On Martin Luther King’s “I Had a Dream” Speech

I had a dream summary essay example

The speech by Martin Luther took place in Washington DC, Lincoln Memorial on 28th August 1963 and the speech was mainly about racial inequality, elimination of racism and the desire for peaceful coexistence among people. With regards to racial inequality, King opened the speech by providing a discussion on the topic of Emancipation Proclamation that was issued by Abraham Lincoln that freed slaves after the civil war that took place 100 years before. The proclamation was a beacon of hope for the black people. However, he pointed out that still there was a bulk of work for them to be considered “free”. The speech also revolved around some of the unkept promises.

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