Sample Essay on Society’s Reliability on Internet News and the Lack of Credited

Society's Reliability on Internet News and the Lack of Credited Essay

In different reports by Dscout and Deloitte, Budd (2017) reports that the average American will spend 40% of their day switching between the world and their screens, even in the middle of the night. So, what about the other 60%. According to Klemm (2014), in between switching focus from smartphones, an individual will spend the majority of their day looking at a screen, such as computers, televisions, cab, and elevators. Screens are everywhere today, and this raises the question of where does all this information come from, and what is the intention behind this relentless bombardment? It is no surprise that the internet is the chief information source, primarily used by the young generation to connect and by advertisers to reach a wider audience. Besides this, studies conducted by different interest groups, such as Commonsensemedia, on 853 children aged 10 – 18 reveals that these young adults primarily use their screens and internet connection to stay updated about the world around them (Robb, 2017).

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Sample Essay on Using Mobile Phones to Track COVID-19 Cases May Breach Data Privacy

Using Mobile Phones to Track COVID-19 Cases Essay Example

They say that using mobile phones to track COVID-19 cases may breach data privacy because the information collected using smartphones can be used for other purposes apart from the initial one. The author agrees that data captured from the smartphone through geofencing has previously been used during crime investigations without privacy infringement. They say surveillance can be used to track people who came into contact with the COVID-19 victim. Others say that using smartphone data to track the virus is needed, but he (the author) also disagrees by saying it can be an infringement on the privacy of Americans because the data collected can be used for other purposes down the road (Fussell, 2020). The WHO also agree that it is appropriate to use a smartphone to track the movement of those suspected to have COVID-19 (The Privacy International, n.d.). However, Palmer (2020); Shekhar & Shekhar, (2020), agrees that COVID-19 smartphone tracking app will not invade data privacy.

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Sample Essay on Society’s Reliability on Internet News and its Credibility

Society's Reliability on Internet News and its Credibility Essay

Contrary to the observation that young adults do not rely on internet news, there is increasing research evidence that proves the opposite. This is not only supported by the increased access to internet connection gadgets but also the increasing connectivity and use of personal broadband that facilitate the daily consumption of internet information. With the assumption that internet news can range from social media platforms to other news sites, for instance, news posts, the youth not only consume such information directly but also without their knowledge, as they go about the daily activities and engagement with friends (Chu & Kim, 2011). In the same way, the sharing of data is considered critical among young adults due to the efforts to stay relevant, interconnected, and abreast of the most trending topic. In this case, young adults consume internet news daily, with some of the activities and internet use, resulting in unintentional information discovery and subsequent consumption of internet news.

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Sample Essay on Modern Importance and Role of Religious Symbols

modern importance and role of religious symbols essay

According to leading sociologists and philosophers like Durkheim, Evans-Pritchard, and Levi-Strauss, religious symbols are an essential part of all religions in the sense that they establish a strong pervasiveness and feeling of motivation among the followers of a particular religion (Geertz, 1973). Similarly, religious symbols are primarily acquainted with coping and the role that it plays in religion. Many scholars have studied the effects of religious symbols as being immediate and almost naturally-occurring (Bargh, 1994); these effects are believed to reiterate specific ideas and opinions in the minds of believers and followers, ones that emotionally drive them into following a specific religion and its teachings. Religious symbols like the Christian crucifix are a form of summarizing the defining points of religion and its ideology; in such instances, the symbol gains the ability to evoke conceptions that are generally associated and interlinked with the symbolic object itself. The cross, for example, has become an object whose image and presence directly evokes images that are symbolic and representative of Christianity (Langer, 1942). Consistent with the ideas mentioned above, Carl Jung presented his argument about the manifestation of symbolic images in reality through unconscious representation. This representation manifests itself in ways that often have astute consequences for every individual’s reality and experiences.

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Sample Psychoanalyst Essay on When Nietzsche Wept

When Nietzsche Wept Essay Example

The first psychoanalytic perspective in this essay is the Freudian perspective psyche model. According to this model of the psyche, there are three provinces of the mind. The id is the first and also instinctive section, which involves sexual, aggressive, and private memories and memories (Quindeau, 2018). It has the superego that is responsible for the human moral conscience. The ego is the last province and it is the mind’s realistic part, which acts as a mediation on the desires of the superego and id (Quindeau, 2018). In the psyche of Josef Breuer, the id was the component of the mind seeking pleasure selfishly. One of the instances that depict this perspective is the Breuer’s obsession with his delusional patient named Bertha Pappenheim. Breuer claims that he had a strong feeling of love towards Bertha and goes on to explain how he had a strong sexual attraction to her. However, Nietzsche assists him in realizing that he had made Bertha his gateway towards a new beginning in an unconscious manner. She was driving him away from his family roles. According to Nietzsche, the love of Breuer is one of the reasons for his dull life and gave him a helpful sexual obsession that enabled him to cope with his unavoidable aging.

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Sample Essay on Why American Citizens Should be Required to Vote

American Citizens Should be Required to Vote Essay Example

Voting is an integral part of any democratic country and system. For many countries, voting is the hallmark of democracy since it gives citizens the power to choose political leaders who, among other aspects, will manage the public resources, take care of their interests and wellbeing, and protect them from any natural or manmade stressor. Accordingly, American citizens should be required to vote in general elections.

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Sample Essay on Management Accounting

Management Accounting Essay Example

In an organization, managerial accounting integrates several aspects of accounting with the aim of enhancing the quality of information that the management receives about the different metrics of business operation. Management accounting is founded on four principles that assist management accountants to structure their processes and promote effective decision-making for long-term profitability. At the engineering firm, the management accounting principles can be effective in improving the performance of the organization.

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Essay on Human Trafficking: How the Government and Organizations can be a Source of Change

Human Trafficking Essay Example

Human trafficking is a crime that results in the violation of basic human rights. Human trafficking is considred as the traded of individuals with the aim of indulging them in commercial sex or forced labor (Schonhofer, 2017). The elements of human trafficking include; forced labor and forced commercial sex. Sex trafficking is the habroing and transportation of indivduals with an aim of using them for commercial sex. Trafficking involves exploitation of people unwillingly through coercion and deception. Human trafficking is always associated with forced labor and is considered as a form of slavery.

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Sample Individual Reflection Essay on Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity Essay Example

Digital ridesharing platforms have been identified as a broader part of innovations that make up the so-called sharing economy. The paper presents an overview of the current research on the development of ridesharing business and potential opportunities that can be leveraged to enhance the performance of the industry. Becoming successful entrepreneurs is the dream of a vast majority of the population globally. However, prospective entrepreneurs face diverse challenges, ranging from the development of the idea to capital acquisition. Successful implementation of a business idea by establishing a business venture has become a gateway to emergence of huge international corporations. Our business is a start-up firm in the ridesharing business. The company is called Carmony, and the initial capital for its establishment will be obtained from shareholder contribution as well as borrowing from the lending institutions. Lyft and Uber are the major competitors of this company, but its strategy will enable it to survive and attain its main goals. The company will utilize a market gap identified through complex analysis and anticipates achieving break-even point after two years of operation. The success of this firm will be based on its continued exploitation of its core competencies and generic growth strategy.

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Sample Essay on Organizational Theory Concepts

Organizational Theory Concepts Essay Example

Theoretical concepts are essential to assess because they give pertinent information on topics such as leadership, change management, and motivation within organizational settings. These theories have been applied in various circumstances such as in managing organizations and assisting individuals and groups to achieve organizational goals amidst potential challenges. These four theoretical concepts are as follows: Frederick Winslow Taylor’s “Scientific Management”, Max Weber’s “Bureaucracy and Organizational Structure”, Henri Fayol’s “Administrative Theory”, and Herbert Simon’s “Administrative Behavior”.

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