Sample Essay on COVID Pandemic and How the World Is Handling It

COVID-19 Pandemic Essay Example

The recent outbreak of COVID or coronavirus disease has brought a worldwide health crisis that has had a deep influence on the manner in which humans perceive the world in everyday lives. The rate at which this contagion and transmission occur is now a threat to the human agency. The safety measures that are put in place contain the spread of this virus. It also requires people to remain at a distance from one another by being isolated from one another. In the context of such a magnitude of physical threat, the physical and social distancing is needed, which brings a cause for alarm. Every nation, affected by the coronavirus, is handling it according to its internal state. Mass media is also recognizing the powerful forces about how people are experiencing the world with coronavirus. Extensive research on coronavirus accompanies the recognition and knowledge about this disease.

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Essay On Coronavirus and Its Impact on Daily Lives of People in the USA

Coronavirus Essay Example

Yesterday I’ve been preparing my biology homework and I stared at the word “Corvus” seriously thinking for a few seconds that it’s a new way of saying “coronavirus” because I’ve grown so accustomed to reading news about the pandemic.

The novel coronavirus discovered at the end of last year upended the lives of millions around the world and it continues to influence everyone in myriads of ways. As sad as it might be, many scientists believe that it is here to stay and that it will become a seasonal affliction coming and going in waves, just like flue does [1].

What does it mean for everyone? I think that we must prepare ourselves for quarantining as the new normal.

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Sample Essay On Malleus Maleficarum Influence on American Jurisprudence

Malleus Maleficarum Influence Essay Example

The Malleus Maleficarum was a book that was streamlined towards witchcraft and witchcraft prosecution. It is worth noting that hunting of witches in Europe had not reached its peak, but there was a popular belief in witchcraft. The publication of Malleus Maleficarum tends to have influenced judicial law. The prosecution of witches became the business of civil courts and the elites in society. It was during this period that witchcraft hysteria spread. The Malleus Maleficarum book had a tremendous impact in various fields which include torture, confessions, victims, demonology, as well as activities in secular courts. It means that the Malleus Maleficarum book influences the American Jurisprudence in various ways. American Jurisprudence refers to an encyclopedia of American law that was published by the West. It has undergone several changes and discussions. The American Jurisprudence continues to be the reference source of the legal profession in the United States. The process of lawmaking is crucial in a country. American jurisprudence plays a vital role in the lawmaking process. It is because it helps lawmakers in comprehending the technicalities in legal precept and law. The paper is streamlined towards Malleus Maleficarum book and how it influenced American Jurisprudence.

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Sample Essay on Elimination of Poverty in West Africa

elimination of poverty in west africa essay example

West Africa is a home to 16 countries which include Cape Verde, Benin, Sierra Leone, Togo, Mali, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Nigeria, Niger, Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau. It is homes 381, 981,000 as of 2017. These countries have a blessed variety of abundant natural resources and workforce. UNDP findings in 2009 showed that Africa is the second largest continent in the world (Norton 633). This is based on the increasing population over the years. Based on the 2050 projections, Africa as a whole will have 1.9 billion people (Norton 633; Adjei 4). However, West Africa has continued to wallow in poverty over the years regardless of able resources within their borders. The challenge remains that developed countries like the United States, China, United Kingdom, and Brazil amongst others have continually benefited from West Africa’s populations. The high numbers have remained the biggest challenge for Africa’s leadership to maintained and facilitate the spread of resources due to the substantial aid it received.

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Sample Essay on Manifest Destiny and Indian Removal

manifest destiny and indian removal essay example

The manifest destiny was a self-serving concept adopted by white Americans that entailed the perception that the expansion of the country was inevitable, justifiable, and divinely ordained. The idea was applied by the white Americans to justify the displacement of American Indians from their native habitats. The white Americans believed that the Indians were not utilizing the land they lived in its full potential as they left large tracts of land uncultivated. The unspoiled regions were reserved for hunting, which was considered to be wasteful according to the white settlers. Therefore, they declared that they had their manifest destiny or duty to seize the land for settlement and cultivation. The supporters and proponents of the manifest destiny and Indian removal were practitioners of land speculation. The land speculators purchased large tracts of land expecting it to increase in value as more people moved to occupy the area, thus, increasing its demand (Smithsonian American Art Museum, 1).

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Sample Essay on Title Seven of the Civil Rights Act

title seven of the civil rights act essay example

Discrimination in the workplace has been a problem for very long. Many events of the past years played a critical role in the success of the Civil Rights Act. Mainly the struggle of the African Americans due to discrimination motivated the inception of the Act. President Lyndon Johnson worked with Congress and passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to end segregation in schools, public places and at work. The federal law Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids employers with 15 or more employees from discriminating on the basis of color, national origin, religion race, and sex. It is applicable to all labor organizations, educational institutions, and employment agencies.

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Example of Essay on African American Struggle

African American Struggle Essay Example

Many history resources have continuously highlighted the amount of suffering that African Americans have endured from the time when the first record of Africans was recorded in the Jamestown colony. The following years indeed became a testament to their collective struggle as they were subjected to various forms of discriminatory treatment and laws. However, their history should not be exclusively viewed in this dark and seemingly hopeless perspective. Through the lens of black struggle, it can be seen that African American history is characterized by achievement and victory despite the challenges and problems faced by the people during the period of 1620-1915.

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Music, Video Games, and Stress Leading to Deviance Behavior Essay Example

Deviance Behavior Essay Example

The object of the study is to explore whether there is a relationship between music, video games, and stress leading to deviance behavior. That is, the current research is aimed at understandings whether music predicts deviant behavior, whether video games are linked to deviance, and whether stress is linked to deviant behavior. To determine whether there is whether music, video games, and stress predict deviance, a literature review will be conducted. I chose this study because there is an increasing prevalence of deviant behaviors hence the need to establish the causes. Therefore, reading of my research is important because it helps the reader to understand the factors linked to deviance. Consequently, readers will be in a better position to reduce the increasing prevalence of deviance among the youth. The project fits within the existing literature because it helps to clarify whether deviance is associated with each of the variables mentioned earlier.

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Sample Essay on Negative Effects of Abortion

The Negative Effects of Abortion Essay Example

By definition, abortion refers to a deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Even so, the act is done to end an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. There are safe and unsafe abortions with the former consisting of in-clinic practices performed by a qualified physician or nurse (Grimes and Brandon 32). In this case, the practitioner either safely removes the pregnancy using medical instruments and gentle suction or uses medication. In medication abortion, the women take pills that make her uterus expel the gestation tissue and end the pregnancy. On the other hand, an unsafe abortion refers to the ending of a pregnancy by an unqualified individual or in an environment that is not up to the required medical standards. Use of high-dose medication, insertion of a sharp object into the womb, flushing the uterus with harmful liquids, and physical abuse are all forms of unsafe abortions (Grimes and Brandon 31). Women, who go for unsafe abortions are often ignorant of the adverse consequences to which they expose themselves. Whether safe or unsafe, abortion has noteworthy negative effects, particularly on the psychological, physiological, and economic fronts.

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Tragic Hero Essay Example

Tragic Hero Essay Example

By definition, a hero is a person who characteristically portrays ability or great strength and more so adored for his achievements. Moreover, Aristotle describes a hero as a person who exhibits nobility in his nature even when he discovers his fate through his own actions. Undoubtedly, Okonkwo befits all the above descriptions not only because he has the bravery and shows self-motivation, but also because he is the main protagonist whom the reader is made to focus on by the author. Moreover, Okonkwo as a respected leader in Umuofia still has tragic flaws and as such discovers his fate as a result of his actions.

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