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It is hardly possible to overestimate the importance of selecting the essay or research paper topics as it may win you half the battle for a great piece of writing. This totally makes sense: when the topic is appealing to you, the work jogs on, your thoughts get penned smoothly, and you enjoy the craft. If the topic is, on the contrary, uninspiring, it most likely will be real torture for you to squeeze out necessary words. What's even worse, a person who reads such paper would suffer too. You can make your life easier by just pressing one button in our free online tool to immediately generate plenty of great essay topics!

Meaningful and Interesting Topics That You Need So Bad

You probably know this feeling when you dully wander about a huge clothing shop without having anything specific in mind but then you suddenly see THE THING, and you instantly understand that this is what you want. This feeling is pretty close to what you experience once you use our tool to generate topics: when you see them, you know you've hit the bull's eye.

Our generator will also be of great help when you lack inspiration or creativity, ran into writer's block or simply don't want to waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. In its database, the tool has dozens of thousands themes and titles for essays and research papers of any complexity. The selection embraces scores of various disciplines you may take in high school, college or university. Hence, you are destined to come across something you will like. Moreover, you can use the generator to gather ideas and examples of good topics – neither too broad nor too narrow – then tweak them and come up with your own unique theme.

How to Use Essay and Research Paper Topic Generator

Handling our topic generator is as easy as it only gets – you can search the database by a keyword, subject area or both.

Step 1

Type a word or words relevant to your theme in the "Keyword" field. Or you can leave this field empty if you wish to search by discipline.

Step 2

Choose the subject area from the drop-down menu. As a rule, it corresponds with the discipline for which you're planning to write a paper. Or leave this field empty if you wish to search by a keyword only.

Step 3

Voila, you've got tons of topics to choose from completely for free!

You've Got Topic? We've Got Content!

We constantly add new topics to generator's database to ensure it returns adequate and up-to-date themes in nursing or business management, English or psychology, history or criminal justice, accounting or biology and so many more! Once you find the topic that strikes a chord with you, you can either get down to writing yourself or order the paper from us. Our professional authors will be happy to infuse custom-written high-quality essay or research paper into the topic of your choice!