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Use the price calculator below to instantly get the estimated price for your order. Select the required level of the paper, its type, volume, and deadline.

Below, you can find out about the categories of writers available at WePapers and extra services provided at an additional cost.


Writer Categories

Basic Writer

The best available standard writer. Is assigned by default at no extra cost

Advanced Writer

Native English writer, who is an expert in the field of study that your paper relates to. Costs extra

TOP Writer

Native English pro writer who has the highest rating. Costs extra


Additional Services at Extra Charge

VIP Customer Support $14.99

All your orders get the top priority which means that all your requests will be addressed immediately and with all due diligence.

Plagiarism Report from $9.99

A report about plagiarism check performed via a reputable commercial checker showing the originality of your paper. Delivered in the PDF format.

Single-spaced pages (550 words per page): up to 5 pages - $9.99; every additional page costs $2.

Double-spaced pages (275 words per page): up to 10 pages - $9.99, every additional page costs $1.

Preferred Writer $14.99

If you liked how the particular writer had accomplished your paper, you could recruit him to work on your next order. This costs $14.99 for the writers from the Basic category. Yet, if your preferred writer belongs to the Advanced or TOP category, the price will increase respectively. Also, extra money is charged for the preferred writer if the order has a 24-hour deadline.

Abstract Page $14.99

A brief summary of the paper usually placed at its beginning. Abstract explains the paper's purpose, states the main idea and includes major findings of the work.

Sources Used $4.99 each

With this extra, you get the entire or a part of the source work(s) used to craft your paper. Sources may come in the form of text documents of different formats, screenshots or other images, Internet links, etc.

Table of Contents/Outline $9.99

Properly and precisely formatted list of the work's chapters, sections or annexes with their headings.

Editor’s Check $14.99

The finishing touch by a professional editor to polish your paper to perfection. The extra includes an additional proofread for grammar, punctuation, and lexical mistakes as well as stylistic improvements to make the paper's flow smooth and natural.

Charts $9.99

Order this extra if you want to 'break' the straight text with some visuals and insert charts or graphics in it for a better readability and representation of the material.

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