The Uniform Commercial Code Essay Sample

uniform commercial code

The United States of America has the Uniform Commercial Code to harmonize the laws of the fifty different states concerning commercial transactions between the states. The code has a recommendation of laws to be adopted by the states. The UCC was approved by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform state law, the American Bar association, the American law institute, and it was published in 1952. The states have the option to adopt and modify provisions or adopt it as written.

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Top Ideas of Architecture Research Paper Topics

architecture research paper

Architecture is an evolving sphere of interest that provides lots of issues for research purposes. This is explained by the fact that our time is characterized by rapid development and dynamic technical progress. This, in turn, means that there is a need to explore more new aspects of the architecture field, such as green architecture, developing new business models for architects, and many others.

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Check Out These 16 Awesome Exploratory Research Paper Topics Right Now!

The most exciting part of writing an exploratory research paper is that you don’t have to solve any problems, argue for a particular position or show that your point of view is more legitimate than another. That’s why you don’t have to keep the conclusion in mind throughout the writing process. When writing any other paper, having the final verdict in mind will give your paper direction, but in this case, it might prevent you from analyzing all the possible solutions.

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Good Topics for Cause and Effect Research Papers That You’ve Been Looking For

cause and effect research paper

Cause and effect research papers help to see the links between the events and help to understand how things function. Although preparing such essays can be an exciting process, many students claim that it’s not that easy to choose the right topics to write on. A successfully chosen topic makes the process of researching and writing on it exciting, and as a result – your paper will become an engaging and interesting read for the audience.

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Spur Your Creativity with These Original Topics for Macbeth Research Papers

macbeth research paper topics

William Shakespeare’s plays don’t lose their relevance and popularity throughout time. Rightfully considered to be the written masterpieces, they raise important issues that are as topical today as they were several centuries ago. Through the diverse characters and scenes, the author debates about various aspects of life – from love and family relationships to revenge and remorse.

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20 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

argumentative research paper topics

The argumentative research paper is probably the most popular student assignment. And this is not surprising, because its main goal is to test the students’ ability to argue their position and their ability to think critically. Such papers explore two sides of the same coin, namely, of a controversial issue. At the same time, the author gives preference to one of the sides, providing strong arguments.

Argumentation should be based on logic, and text construction should reflect this logic and hierarchy of logical relationships, demonstrating how one idea flows from another. In fact, the argumentative research paper is a classic “benefits and shortcomings” or “pros and cons” model.

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Selected Persuasive Research Paper Topics for College Students

persuasive research paper topics

Looking for inspiration and a suitable topic for your persuasive paper? You’ve come to the right place. Right here, you’ll find 15 non-banal research persuasive paper topics and useful tips that will make writing an academic paper much easier.

To begin with, persuasive academic writing is a research paper that aims to convince the reader of a specific idea. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, the trick is that research cannot be merely based on your opinion and personal experience (this makes the difference between a research paper and a persuasive essay). Your claim should be backed up with facts, statistics, expert opinions, and other kinds of evidence.

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Unique Research Paper Topics for College Students

college research paper topics

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “research paper”? Most likely brainstorming, finding the proper literature and collecting ideas and thoughts. No matter what you imagine, you would inevitably think of the sources of data: articles, books, people, works of art.

However, research is not just a collection of information about some topic and not only an easy review of literature in a particular field. Your research paper should explore the perspective or affirm the point. No matter what type of research work you develop, your finished piece should represent your own way of thinking, supported by other people’s ideas and reliable data.

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Best Chemistry Research Paper Topics for High School & College Students

chemistry research topics

Selecting interesting chemistry research topics isn’t as easy as ABC, especially if you look at bordering disciplines or are really pressed with time. Most students often go after easy and popular ideas, which isn’t always practical, as a good research project should be original and new. From chemical reactions in organic and inorganic fields to clinical experiments related to biology, your topic should be analytical and researchable to help readers understand how the basics work. It might be difficult to guess if your subject of interest has enough information or is topical in the current situation. However, by brainstorming ideas, doing brief preliminary research and polishing your broad topic, you can pick up a thoughtful paper idea you will be prepared and excited to write about. Below, we have collected a chemistry research paper topics list to give you a sort of inspiration and help to get started. Or you could address writers, who can offer unique topics exclusively for you!

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