Uncover How to Write an Exploratory Essay That Will Impress Your Audience

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20 May 2020

The point of exploratory essays is to let the students examine different viewpoints on one issue. To those who haven’t had a chance to write an exploratory research essay before, this task may seem to be confusing. It’s understandable because exploratory research essays are somewhat different from many other types of papers. However, as soon as you find out how to prepare them, you’ll see that these essays can be extremely fascinating.

If you don’t know how to write exploratory essay, how to structure it, and which topic to choose – don’t worry! All you need is some guidance and inspiration. In this post we reveal tricks on writing a successful exploratory essay that can score you the top grade. If you have more questions or need some professional help, you can always get it from the experienced writers at WePapers.com.

how to write an exploratory essay


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Everything You Need to Know About Successful Exploratory Essay Writing

Below our writing experts give quick answers to students’ most frequent questions on exploratory essay writing. We hope that this information will help you to prepare an impeccable exploratory essay.


What is an exploratory essay?

An exploratory essay approaches a research topic from an objective point of view and sticks to a neutral tone. Instead of solving the problem, exploratory essays aim to look at the various perspectives on this issue and to seek a clear explanation of all the different viewpoints.

The exploratory paper looks at the different audiences interested in the issue; it explores all their perspectives, and at the same time, tries to notice common ground.


How many points of view can an exploratory essay cover?

Sometimes, exploratory essays involve two different sides of one issue, which leads to expressing a polarized debate. However, more often, such papers provide three and more viewpoints. A good example of an exploratory essay topic is illegal immigration. While you could give the view from the perspective of the conservative and the liberal political party, presenting the problem as it’s seen by the immigrants and the border patrol guards would enrich the essay.


What is a basic exploratory essay outline?

An outline of an exploratory essay involves:

  1. Introduction.
  2. The essay’s ‘body’ divided into two parts.
    • The first body part explains the issue or problem. Usually, it’s one paragraph long that should provide general information on the theme; describe the audience interested in it; give information about the authors and what connects them to the audience; name constraints (beliefs, attitudes, or circumstances) that limit us from discussing the subject; and ground the urgency of the issue.
    • The second body part is three or more paragraphs long and should explain different viewpoints.
  3. Conclusion, which summarizes the viewpoints on the issue, indicates your interest in it and shows your own position.


How to write an exploratory essay introduction?

Often, students aren’t sure how to write an introduction to an exploratory essay. The point of an introduction is describing the issue and presenting it as an arguable question. A good introduction should grab the interest of the audience, and ensure that the readers understand the subject matter and its importance.

Don’t forget that at the end of the introduction you’re supposed to write a thesis for an exploratory essay. There you should tell briefly and precisely why the issue is an arguable question.


What should you consider when preparing an exploratory essay?

To prepare a great exploratory essay, you should perform extensive research and read as many points of view as possible to choose the ones that will be included in your essay. While researching, it’s important to make detailed notes according to basic essay structure. The viewpoints you present should be summarized and paraphrased, the research works should be quoted. When writing the final draft, don’t forget to format and proofread the essay.


What exploratory essay topics should you choose?

To find some interesting topics, you can look through scholarly journals or online educational resources. A bright exploratory essay topic should be:

  • Not solved yet;
  • Not a fact that involves easy answers;
  • Something that people have different opinions about;
  • Interesting and on-spot;
  • Be linked to a major enduring issue.

Here’re a few good exploratory essay topics for your inspiration:

  • To what point is weightlifting beneficial for a healthy life?
  • How should a college student decide on his major?
  • How big of a difference does recycling really make?
  • In what ways do the Olympics impact the towns and countries that host it?
  • What are the effects of the divorce on the relationships between siblings?


Exploratory essays require lots of researching and precise planning. If you’re short on time, the whole task may go off track. In such a case you may wonder: “Is it possible to buy essay online cheap?” Luckily, all you need to do is apply to one of the most reliable paper writing services available online. Our team of trained writers will craft a solid 100% original exploratory essay in no time. WePapers.com is an emergency writing help you’ve been looking for.


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