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Quality trumps quantity. That’s the first rule of writing a research paper about business. Find good business research paper ideas, pick one, and explore it in depth while aiming for quality. No fluff! Less is best! Professors are busy people, and if you steal their precious time with unnecessary details, they will get revenge on you. No, they won’t sneak red dye into your shampoo. But they will most certainly lower your grade. To avoid disappointment, aim for quality over quantity and use our online Research Paper Topic Generator to get cool ideas for your paper. Also, keep reading to find a long list of topics you could borrow.

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Business Research Paper Sample of Topics

The best example of business research paper is one produced by AI-trained cats. See what I did there? I instantly grabbed your attention with an interesting topic. Writing a business paper is all about hooking your reader and reeling them in. If you’ve managed to pick a gripping topic and pen a clear abstract, you are halfway there. Good news: it’s easy. Think I’m joking? Just take a look at the following business ethics topics. Surely, you’ll find one worth researching.

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

  • Can fair play improve the bottom line?
  • The ethics of modern business practices
  • Is ethics in business an indispensable course?
  • Root causes of unethical business behavior
  • Personal integrity as the function of corporate success
  • The rules of ethical decision making in a business environment
  • Daily ethical dilemmas faced by international businesses
  • Ethical underpinnings of corporate responsibility

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

  • A class action lawsuit on behalf of business plaintiffs
  • Violation of patents and copyrights
  • Whistleblowing policies in the age of social media
  • Unilateral non-disclosure agreements vs. mutual non-disclosure agreements
  • The prevention of insider trading
  • Legal aspects of customer data accumulation
  • Nullification of business contracts
  • Legal requirements for joining a business partnership

Business Related Topics for Research Paper

  • Shareholder rights and responsibilities
  • Tender offers for corporate mergers
  • Poison pill scheme as a defense against a hostile takeover
  • Tax considerations in stock-for-stock transactions
  • Key personality traits of a successful CEO

Business Proposal Topics

  • A formal solicitation of a business proposal
  • Key elements of a business proposal
  • What does distinguish successful business proposals from unsuccessful ones?
  • The role of business proposal in the investment attraction
  • The advantages of drafting multiple business proposals

Business Report Topics

  • Strategies to increase comprehension of business reports
  • The importance of business reports for aiding company growth
  • The most effective structure for business reports
  • Data interpretation in business reports

International Business Research Paper Topics

  • Transfer of resources in the global market place
  • A theory of cooperation in the joint venture
  • China’s economic transition
  • Stagnating economies of East Asia
  • The volatility of the international business cycles
  • The viability of financial autarky in the globalized world

Business Management Research Paper Topics

  • The use of pdf reports in productivity management
  • The clash of work-related tweets and beliefs about confidentiality
  • The management of turnover in the hospitality sector
  • The productivity implications of romantic relationships in organizational settings
  • Data-driven approaches to business process management

Business Communication Topics for Research Paper

  • Communication with workforce following a merger announcement
  • Nonverbal communication in organizational settings
  • Communicational strategies to foster the community spirit
  • A stakeholder approach to oral communication within an organization
  • Methods for improving interpersonal communication competencies in a workforce

Business Intelligence Research Paper Topics

  • Business intelligence in contemporary joint ventures
  • The use of operational information and analytical tools for business intelligence
  • Data-processing for the refinement of the decision process
  • The conversion of information into profit
  • Business intelligence for metrics-driven management

Business Administration Research Paper

  • How digital ubiquity revolutionizes business
  • Sustainability management in the small business sector
  • Shared service business centers on the frontier of value creation
  • Leaders as role models
  • The impact of social justice on business administration

Research Paper Titles About Business

  • The deployment of CRM systems in the hospitality sector
  • Current business process management trends
  • The sustainability approaches to corporate entrepreneurship
  • Alignment of business and IT management
  • Proactive supply chain management for a retail business

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Business Case Research Paper

  • The rise and fall of ZTE Corporation
  • Deployment of e-payment systems in Singapore
  • The implementation of digital microfinance in Brazil
  • Co-working space industry in Hong Kong
  • Repercussions of falling iPhone sales for Apple, Inc.

Business Statistics Topics

  • Statistical process analysis for SMEs
  • The application of statistics in contemporary decision making
  • New frameworks for demography statistics in business
  • Statistical tools of business audit
  • The introduction of statistics in R&D and market research

Business Finance Topics

  • SME financing in Bulgaria
  • Business angel investment in the IT sector
  • Shareholders’ equity in liquidation proceedings
  • Advantages and disadvantages of preferred stocks
  • Stock repurchases as a means of diminishing dilution

Business Analytics Topics

  • Iterative exploration of business performance in the fast food industry
  • Predictive modeling in supply chain management
  • The use of machine learning for business email filtering
  • Calculation of credit risk by financial institutions
  • Predictive modeling for retail business process monitoring

Business Strategy Topics

  • Execution of business strategies in a financially constrained environment
  • The most effective business strategies in knowledge-intensive sectors
  • The distinct characteristics of viable operational strategies
  • Strategic implementation after mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic control in family businesses

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