List of Research Paper Topics Problem Solution Assignments Can Discuss

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28 Jan 2020

Let’s admit that modern society has a long list of problems that should be solved. To find effective solutions to them, we should study every issue in detail. Research papers on problem solution are one of the possible ways to do it.

problem solution research paper topics

As someone assigned to a problem solution essay, you should clearly understand what it is and how it differs from other types of student papers. Problem solution essays deal with identifying various problems, challenges, and issues that exist in today’s society, and try to find tangible ways of fixing them. Although problem solution research papers are both intriguing and educative, they come with particular challenges, which is why many students may look for some guidance and expert's assistance.

In this post, we offer you some valuable writing recommendations, as well as an extensive list of problem solution research paper topics that will spur your curiosity and help prepare a perfect essay. In case you don't have time for that and need a quick hands-on solution, ordering a paper online from might be right what you're looking for.


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Tips on Finding the Best Problem Solution Research Paper Ideas

Often, to find some good ideas for a problem solution essay, it’s enough to look around. First of all, you should decide if the problem falls under personal relationships or it will have to do with the town you live in, a particular country or even the entire world. Next, try to think of a problem that bothers you personally – it’s easier to write about an issue that evokes your interest or the one which you have to deal with in everyday life. It’s best to pick few such problems – later you can decide which one of them is the most appropriate for your paper based on the available research information, prospective audience engagement, relevance to the current situation, etc.

Additionally, you can look through recent scientific publications, scholarly journals, online databases, forums, and related educational websites to find fresh ideas for your essay. The next step is to perform extensive research, take detailed notes, and start writing the paper. The following outline can serve as a basic structure of your work. Unless your teacher has some specific requirements, all problem solution essays should have:

  1. Introductory part with a thesis statement;
  2. Main ‘body’ part that offers possible ways of problem solutions;
  3. Conclusion that sums up the main points of the work;
  4. Reference page.

To find a solution to a problem, you should present it to your audience first; use the introduction to describe the issue in detail. Explain why it should be considered a problem and why it’s essential to solve it. The ‘body’ part of the paper is all about suggesting the ways of solution. Ideally, you should write three to five paragraphs, each presenting possible solutions. Support your arguments with relevant data, double-check all figures and facts, and always refer to reliable sources of information. You can even calculate the resources needed to start the action and include this plan in your essay. Stay realistic and reasonable; don’t forget to revise, proofread and format your work before submitting it.


Advanced Research Paper Problem Topics

Although certain topics for a problem solution paper can be more challenging than the rest, often they appear to be the most interesting ones. With due diligence and attention, they will certainly impress your teacher and you let you qualify for a higher score.


Problem Topics for Research Papers by Subjects

Here you’ll find a list of great problem solution ideas categorized by themes, which will simplify your search and inspire you on creating a strong paper.

Relationship topics

Social problems topics

Education, school and college life topics

Problem solution papers are not the easiest ones to write; often, they require extra time and attention. If you struggle to choose a good topic for your essay or are at risk of missing a deadline, you can consider research paper writers hire as a way to solve the problem. At, we provide custom college essay services while striving to keep our prices affordable for students from all walks of life.


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