Welcome to our library of student works! Here you will find samples of various types of college essays, reports, research papers, and generally any kind of written assignment you can get in high school and college.

They are here for you to learn from and they are free to access. However, we must ask you to use them only as examples upon which you can later model your own original work. Please don’t copy any fragments without citing them properly. It would be unfair to your fellow students who put hard work into researching and writing these papers and then kindly donated them to this base.

Let’s Be Real, Formats and Types Of Essay
Writing Are Confusing

You know that adage about only four types of academic essays: narrative, descriptive, expository, and argumentative? What they don’t tell you is that each of those has a gazillion more as subtypes, and a whole bunch in the grey zone between these types. Four years of college is way too little time to make sense of all these.

Unless, of course, you are given a chance to see as many examples as you can, compare them, see similarities, spot differences, and draw conclusions. Which is exactly why this section exists in the first place! We wanted to create a collection of examples because they, just as pictures, each is worth a thousand words. Instead of reading one confusing definition after another you can just read a real paper and use it as your guideline.

Why it’s Okay to Use Examples to Learn
about a Particular Type of Essay

We learn by emulating – every one of us. When we are babies, we are little more than repetition machines. We watch grown-ups do things and we try to mirror what we see. As we grow up, we continue to learn by watching others: we learn to dance by repeating after good dancers, we learn to cook from food bloggers’ videos.

Yet when it comes to something like writing, we feel uncomfortable about emulating it. Partly because we want to own the product of our creative effort completely, and partly because our culture values originality above all else. Anything modeled on previous works is branded as a “rip-off”. It is drilled into our heads that plagiarism is wrong – and rightly so! However, there is a big difference between claiming someone else’s work is yours and drawing inspiration from it while also giving credit where it’s due.

After all, everything we think is original is based on something that was done before. Famous writers, directors, artists constantly profess their love for works of their predecessors and say they learned to write, direct, and paint by emulating the style of their idols. They even flat-out confess to borrowing plots, characters, and techniques. Moreover, right up until recently, it was seen as a norm. Poets and playwrights were borrowing works from each other and re-writing them as a commentary on the work itself. It was seen as appreciation and was flattering to the original author. That is the philosophy behind this collection and everyone, who donated their papers here, shares it.

On this page, you will find a list of categories, so if you need to see particular type of papers, just click on it and you will be directed to the section dedicated to this type. You can also use search by keywords or simply browse through and read whichever paper catches your eye. Enjoy!

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