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The hypothesis in the dissertation makes arguably the most valuable methodological tool of the research. Thanks to the hypothesis, scientific researchers discover new knowledge and ideas. To make things simpler, a hypothesis is the predicted outcome of the study. The author's task is to empirically prove or disprove it. A well-formulated hypothesis must meet such requirements as the adequacy of the research question, the absence of conflict between new and old knowledge, and accessibility for verification. The hypothesis shouldn't be an axiom and an obvious fact. For example, the statement that a human heart has four chambers is a bad option, since this fact has been known to science for a long time.

Even knowing the definition of a dissertation hypothesis, many students have difficulty formulating it. In this case, it is useful to look at a good example of dissertation hypothesis. WePapers.com presents the directory of free samples that you can use to your advantage. Successful examples will help you outline the strong hypothesis or check whether you've formulated it correctly.

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