Benefit from These Excellent Business Law Research Paper Topic Ideas

Business law (otherwise known as corporate or company law) is the branch of law that governs conduct, relations and rights of organizations, companies, businesses, and persons working in them. Being a part of legal practice, corporate law is related to matters that derive from life cycle of corporations. It encompasses such processes as formation of a corporation, its funding, governance, and its closure.

Students who are assigned to write research papers in business law often find this type of written work to be challenging because it requires advanced knowledge of the subject, critical thinking, and scrupulous preparation. To a great extent, the success of a business law essay depends on the topic one chooses for it.

Picking a good topic for a business law paper may take a lot of time, but luckily in this post you’ll find a list of excellent ideas approved by writing experts. Besides, we’ll provide you with a few practical writing tips that will help you score high.

business law research paper

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Tips on Choosing Topics & Business Law Research Paper Example Outline

While business law papers might be not the easiest research works to prepare, choosing an interesting topic can make the writing process quite exciting. It’s best to opt for a relevant up-to-date issue that influences everyday life and working conditions of a significant number of people. To come up with a good idea, you can check out online databases or look through recent scientific publications, including scholar magazines, journals, and reference books.

We recommend you to pick 2-3 additional backup topics in case you realize that there’s not enough information available on your first choice.

A comprehensive and solid work requires broad research. That said, remember that you should use information only from reliable sources. Besides, you may need to refer to one or several real-life cases in order to support your point of view.

Make notes while searching for information, and develop a business law research paper outline which can work as a backbone of your essay. Unless your teacher specifies otherwise, you can follow this basic structure:

  1. Introduction (that includes a thesis statement);
  2. Main body part;
  3. Conclusion;
  4. Reference part.

Add information and broaden the outline to turn it into the full-fledged paper. Proofread and format your piece before submission.

Interesting Business Law Research Paper Topics

You’ll undoubtedly find these ideas interesting to research because they have a lot to do with some topical business law issues.

  • What are the existing methods of detecting fraud in the case of business bankruptcy?
  • What is an exemption from antitrust law and can it be considered positive?
  • What treatment methods are offered to workers following various accidents in the workplace?
  • The importance of Trademark & Copyright rights and the ways to justify the illegal use of them
  • Can a non-disclosure agreement save a company from a greedy former employee?

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Controversial Topics for A-Worthy Business Law Research Papers

To write on a controversial issue, you can either present two opposite points of view or pick just one point and prove why you consider it to be right. A good controversial business law topic will definitely impress your teacher.

  • What are effective legal methods to keep businesses solvent without cutting benefits or laying off workers? Can such methods be considered ethical?
  • Should businesses offer paternity leaves for new fathers? Is it legal to deny paternity leaves when they aren’t expressly forbidden?
  • What is the meaning of tort reform, and does it have positive or negative impact on big business? Is it true that tort reform offers more protection to smaller businesses?
  • How effective is applying penalties in order to limit harmful human behaviors (e.g. alcohol or drug abuse) in the workplace? Can such penalties be considered legal?
  • Can the exclusion of certain businesses from anti-trust laws be considered ethical? In what ways do businesses that fall out of such laws benefit financially?

Advanced Business Law Topics for Research Paper

With thorough research and detailed planning, the following topics will let you score the highest grade.

  • Do the cases of purchasing services of a judge still happen in first world countries with a significant number of existing checks? How should compromised court rulings be dealt with?
  • What are the negative effects of current litigation processes on small and mid-size businesses? Is there a way to bypass litigation procedures?
  • Which way of protection of the written works is better: under nom de plumes or the authors’ legal names?
  • In what cases data security and confidentiality policies cannot be applied in business?
  • Are there effective ways for companies to prevent their former employees from joining rival firms?

Research papers on business law require much time, excellent writing skills, and attention to detail. Many students may find the writing process overwhelming and wonder if there’s a paper helper who could assist them in preparing their business law essay. If you have difficulties with choosing the right topic, researching it, or are at risk of missing a deadline, you can apply to professional research paper writer services. Trained writers working for such companies will make sure that you submit an impeccable 100% original business law paper!

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