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12 Feb 2019

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Social Psychology Topics for Research Papers

If you can spare a day or two for writing, consider the following social psychology topics:

  • Critique of Weiner’s attribution theory
  • The assignment of causality to stimuli occurring within individuals
  • Ways to test the over-justification hypothesis
  • Can Milgram study be replicated today?
  • Potential pathological outcomes of self-evaluation

Cognitive Psychology Research Papers

Our professionals can prepare you a .pdf, .doc or .docx document. They can write you a perfect cognitive psychology paper on either one of the topics below or one of your choosing:

  • Key theoretic paradigms of cognitive dissonance
  • Evolutionary underpinnings of memory
  • Neurological basis of the cocktail party effect
  • The application of cognitive styles in education
  • Baddeley and Hitch’s model of short-term memory

Child Psychology Research Papers

Psychological studies involving children are exceptionally exciting. Use the following topics for child psychology research papers:

  • Interpersonal development in childhood
  • The fluctuations of self-concept throughout the main stages of child development
  • Evidence for psychological nativism
  • How does attachment theory contribute to the understanding of child development?
  • Psychological consequences of neglectful parenting

Educational Psychology Research Papers

Here you can buy a pdf or doc-formatted paper on any topic whatsoever. If, however, you want to write the piece yourself, consider the following topics:

  • Psychological benefits of multicultural education
  • The application of Piaget theory in early education
  • Key conceptual frameworks of educational psychology
  • The use of social interdependence theory for class management
  • Implications of cognitive learning styles for education

Positive Psychology Research Papers

Have to write positive psychology at work research papers? Let us improve them! Our research paper editing services help students radically increase the quality of their writing. Speaking of drastic improvement, here are great positive psychology topics:

  • Is authentic happiness sustainable?
  • Ways of fostering positive self-esteem
  • Empirical support for the six-factor model of psychological well-being
  • Favorable effects of a flow state
  • Practical applications of Seligman’s well-being theory (PERMA)

Psychology Questions for Research Papers

To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of great questions for psychology research papers:

  • Are there ethnic discrepancies in psychological resilience?
  • Why does a dual relationship between a psychotherapist and a patient are unethical in therapy?
  • Can lower self-awareness improve one’s mental state?
  • What can increase the effectiveness of a psychotherapeutic intervention?
  • Are there evolutionary underpinnings of identity fusion?

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