How to Write an Informative Essay

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18 May 2020

Arguably, any piece of academic writing is a kind of informative paper since it provides information on the selected issue. This is true to some degree, but still, an informative essay has its unique features. This article will help you understand how to write a thesis statement for an informative essay, what structure you should follow, and how to put the entire piece together. We'll also give several options for suitable topics. Moreover, if there's such a need, we can craft a unique informative essay according to your requirements.

how to write an informative essay


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What Is an Informative Essay?

The definition comes from the name. An informative essay is a type of academic paper that educates readers about something: a specific object, phenomenon, event, or something else. When writing informative essays, you should keep in mind that your main goal is to answer the main question by explaining the topic in detail. You need to know a lot about your topic and convey information in a clear and structured manner.


Informative Essay Outline

When you have a certain template, academic writing becomes much easier. An essay outline is a strategy, which helps you not to get lost when writing a paper. Of course, this step is optional. However, experienced essay writers do recommend starting work without creating an outline. It is the outline that will become your plan of action and help make the whole text more logical and smooth.

The most convenient format is a bullet list of crucial points that reflect your basic ideas. This will help you focus on the essentials and not forget anything.


Informative Essay Format

Let's take a closer look at the informative essay structure. In fact, this piece of writing looks almost the same as other types of essays, that is, you need to write a standard 5-paragraph paper.

It all starts with an informative essay introduction, of course. In this section you express the central idea of your entire work by articulating the informative essay thesis. Here you need to make every effort to develop good hooks that can catch the reader's attention and make them read your essay with interest.

The body paragraphs in an informative essay should include arguments and facts that will support your main idea expressed in the thesis. If your topic is not very wide, 3 paragraphs should be enough for that. However, if you want to broadly explore an essay question, you may consider writing more paragraphs or even body sections.

An informative essay conclusion is a final step. When all ideas and arguments are summarized, writing a conclusion is easy. In fact, it should repeat your thesis in other words, simple as that.


How to Start an Informative Essay

Any essay begins with a topic selection. A relevant and interesting topic will help you create a strong thesis, which means that the whole piece will be well-developed. So pay particular attention to this step.

Start by brainstorming. Just write down all the ideas and thoughts that enter your head without worrying about the logic and structure. Then check out your list and exclude ideas that won't work.

As soon as your list is narrowed down to several good options, do a preliminary study to find out what information you can find on the topic. Then select an option for which you found enough information and statistical data and which you are interested in. Now you're ready to write an informative paper!


Tips on Writing an Informative Essay

Try to start your essay with a catch-phrase – it should interest the reader from the first lines. For example, you can use a rhetorical question.

After you have engaged readers, you need to explain to them what the purpose of the essay is. That's what a thesis is for. This will be the last sentence in your introduction. Keep in mind that your thesis should respond to the questions you pose. Moreover, the information found during the study should fully maintain the thesis. Remember that transitions from one thought to another should be smooth and logical.

Use only credible sources and reliable facts. For an informative essay, personal experience cannot be used as an argument. Also, try not to use words and phrases that reflect personal viewpoint.


Informative Essay Examples Topics

To make it easier for you to select an informative essay question, we've compiled a shortlist of sample topics:

  • The consequences of World War II.
  • Cybercrime and ways to fight it.
  • Overcoming bullying at school.
  • Global warming and its effects.
  • Online college education and its benefits.
  • How recycling helps protect the environment.


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