Attention-Grabbing' Persepolis' Essay Topics That You Should Consider

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29 Apr 2020

Whether you're a fan of graphic novels or have never read any until now, you might still be familiar with 'Persepolis.' It is a memoir written in French by an Iranian expatriate Marjane Satrapi. Thanks to its semi-humorous manner and exciting plot twists, 'Persepolis’ gained huge popularity among readers and eventually took the form of an adult animated film, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. Since then, ‘Persepolis’ became even more popular and discussed; today, it is studied in colleges and universities due to a wide range of vital problems it arouses.

If you were assigned to a ‘Persepolis’ essay, you may come across some pitfalls and challenges. The biggest one of all might be choosing the right essay topic. In this post, we provide you with a list of bright ‘Persepolis’ essay ideas and give valuable writing advice to help you succeed.

persepolis essay topics

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What Should You Know About Writing a ‘Persepolis’ Theme Essay

Despite the peculiarity of ‘Persepolis,’ the process of crafting an essay about it wouldn’t differ much from writing for any other subject. First of all, you need to pick a topic, perform preliminary research, and start developing an early draft, which eventually would be turned into an essay.

Similarly to many other types of student papers, your composition on ‘Persepolis’ should have:

  1. An introduction with a thesis
  2. Main body part.
  3. Reference page.

In order to prepare a profound and convincing essay, you need to be familiar with the plot and the key themes depicted in the novel/film. We recommend you read the novel or watch the movie before anything else. Then, after you choose one or several potential topics, you can read or watch ‘Persepolis’ once again to note all the important details that have to do with your issue. Later you can use these notes while writing the essay.


What Topics for a ‘Persepolis’ Analysis Essay You Could Choose

In 'Persepolis,' the story takes place during one of the most volatile times in Iran's history, which makes such a strong and outstanding character as Marjane face numerous challenges and ordeals in order to gain her own true identity.

Some of the key topics that you can cover in your essay include:

Having chosen one of these themes, you can look for topics related to it and pick the one that you’d like to cover. Here are some great examples of ‘Persepolis’ essay topics that you can opt for:


Some Useful ‘Persepolis’ Essay Prompts and More Topic Ideas

To find some good topics on ‘Persepolis,’ you can look through the scholar journals of your college library. However, considering the originality of this theme, it’s best to check specialized online forums, literature-related sites, and educational databases in order to find the best ideas for your forthcoming paper.

The following topics may inspire you on writing an excellent ‘Persepolis’ essay:


What Ideas for a ‘Persepolis’ Essay Are the Most Appealing?

‘Persepolis’ – both the graphic novel and the animated film – impresses the audience with a huge variety of acute and important questions they raise. The writing experts recommend opting for a topic which stirs strong feeling in you, as your interest for it will make the writing process exciting and enjoyable.

We’re confident that the ideas below will ignite your interest:


It’s hard to deny that ‘Persepolis’ is an outstanding artwork that has significant social importance. Although it is easy to read and watch, writing essays on it may be rather challenging. If you’re short on time or can’t shape your thoughts on ‘Persepolis’ properly, you can address and ask, “Can you please write my paper?” The answer to your question is definitely a “yes.” is one of the top paper writing services in the market with over a decade of reliable performance. try it today to lighten your academic burden!


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