What Should You Know About Choosing Consumerism Essays Topics?

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13 May 2020

"The things that you own end up owning you." This famous quote from the protagonist of “The Fight Club” Tyler Durden sums up the concept of consumerism. Today we live in a world that is obsessed with consumer culture. Consumption tends to structure our everyday agendas and encompass our routine. However, consumerism can’t be called a definitive trait of modern society as it takes its roots deep in the past. Being a broad and diverse subject, consumerism is interesting to research.

One of the best ways for students to dive into the topic of consumption and understand its essence and the effect on people’s lives is to prepare a research paper. If you were assigned to a consumerism essay, you should show the best of your writing and analytic skills in order to score high. Although extensive research is essential, the success of your essay will lean upon the topic you pick. In this post, our writing experts offer you some helpful recommendations and a list of smart consumerism essay topics that will inspire you to prepare a brilliant work.

consumerism essay topics

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Where Do You Start Writing a Consumerism Essay From?

The goal of a consumerism essay is to describe the reasons and effects of people equating their personal happiness by purchasing various material possessions and consuming them. Consumerism papers may appear to be somewhat more demanding than the papers on other subjects. They require a deep understanding of a topic, excellent analytical skills, and a sufficient amount of accurate data that will aid you in supporting the thesis of your essay. However, with due effort and attention, you will definitely craft an impeccable work that will impress your teacher.

The structure of a consumerism essay is quite standard. Here’s a basic consumerism essay outline that you can follow:

  1. Introduction with a thesis statement.
  2. Main ‘body’ part with the key arguments in favor or against your paper’s point.
  3. A conclusion which sums up your research.
  4. Reference page.

Before you start preparing the essay, make sure to ask your teacher about any specific requirements, formatting style, and the length of the essay in order not to miss out on anything.


What Topic Ideas Will Make Your Consumerism Essay Stand Out?

Despite all writing challenges, the theme of consumerism will surprise you with the variety of topics you can research on. A topic you choose will significantly affect the success of your essay. While an interesting one will make the process of researching and writing fun, a boring or confusing topic can turn it into drudgery. This is why you should opt for a topic that evokes your interest.

Further we provide a list of selected consumerism topics that can inspire you on writing an impressive essay:

  • The effect of advertising on the health of society.
  • The concept of consumerism and its ethical
  • The theme of consumerism in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”
  • Consumption and consumerism in the modern fashion industry.
  • Different portrayal and perception of consumerism in famous movies and series.
  • Showrooming and its effects of consumerism.
  • In what ways does advertising manipulate children for profit?
  • The concept of anti-consumerism in the works of Ginsberg, Roth, and Kerouac.
  • Innovation as a basis of the capitalist system.
  • The lending industry and the changes in the American philosophy of consumerism.
  • Key changes in sales and consumerism during the Booming 1950s.
  • The term ‘consumerism’ and its economist use.
  • Can consumerism be called a morally correct choice?
  • The global effects of consumerism on the environment.
  • The effects of consumerism on the portrayal of a person’s self-image and their social status.
  • Materialism and consumerism in the US.
  • The role of consumerism in the global economy.
  • The significance of Apple Macintosh with the American Consumerism.


It’s hard to deny that consumerism research papers are more demanding than those on other themes and subjects. At some point, you may realize you require competent advice or even assistance. Just like hundreds of other students, you may have difficulties finding a good essay topic or accurate facts to support your point. Some senior students may need case study writing help in consumerism as this type of assignment is more complicated. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with all these challenges alone; instead, apply to a reliable online writing service, such as WePapers.com. Our experienced writers will tackle any task and prepare a perfect consumerism essay upon your request in no time. Check out our paper writing service reviews by students who entrusted us their worries to see that we never leave our customers unsatisfied. WePapers.com is your best emergency writing help and an easy way to effectively tackle many academic challenges!


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