What to Write in a Football Essay?

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08 May 2020

Can you proudly say, "Football is my hobby?" Then writing an essay about your favourite game will easily turn into a pleasure. But any good paper starts with an outstanding topic. Even if you are good at football, you still may not know what to write about in your essay.

In this article, you’ll find the answer to this question, as well as 20 brilliant ideas for a short football essay. Check them out!

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football essay topics


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Where to Find a Football Essays Ideas?

A paper on football is as easy task for college students as it could only get. As a rule, you are free to choose any topic you want.

As a source of inspiration, you can explore football history, the autobiography of a famous player, read articles about interesting football events, or watch a thematic movie to come up with your own idea. Or in order to save time and effort, you can take one of our free essays topics. All of them are great for a standard 5 paragraph essay in both high school and college, so choose the option that suits you the most.


How to Choose Football Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

Writing a comparison essay about football may be a bit tricky as this game is quite unique. However, if you give it a second thought, you'll see that there is nothing complicated in comparing football with any other sport, comparing famous players or even individual matches. Here are some examples of topics to help you write a great compare and contrast paper:


What Are the Best Topics for Football Argumentative Essays?

Even in a field like a football, you can find a controversial issue for writing a great argumentative essay. Here are a few argumentative topics that you may think about and bring strong arguments, facts, and examples (maybe even from your personal experience):


Descriptive Football Essay: Where to Start?

A descriptive essay is one of the simplest types of essays. It aims to describe and summarize a particular subject. If we’re talking about football, it could be an event, a game, a football team, your emotions about the game, some kind of situation or experience. Check out some ideas for a descriptive paper on football, which can be your starting point:


What Easy Football Topics You May Explore in a Paper?

Difficult does not always mean good. Even with a simple topic, you can write an outstanding essay that will catch the attention of your professor. Take a look at some easy football topics that can inspire you to write a brilliant paper:


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