About What Topics Should I Write in Public Health Essays?

Public health is a rapidly evolving area nowadays. It provides a huge potential for writing different kinds of academic papers. Public health is a high-tech field that involves conducting various experiments, so there are many opportunities for writing analytical papers. Moreover, this field of science is full of contradictions and open questions that you can focus on.

Public health issues to study are numerous and diverse. It’s completely impossible to cover all aspects. But in this article we have collected some interesting ideas that will help you come up with a good public health essay. Here you’ll find not only topics for your college paper but also some fresh ideas for a public health admission essay.

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In case you wish to get the job done by yourself, check out the lists of topics below. Then, you can decide which questions interest you the most and which ideas can become a reliable basis for your paper.

public health essay topics


Where to Find Ideas for Public Health Career Goals Essay?

A career goals essay is a critical part of your application, so you need to give it special attention. As a rule, in such an essay you are expected to write about your specific achievements, explain future career goals, provide arguments why you are suitable for the public health field, and emphasize your experience and enthusiasm. The whole point is that you need to convince the Admission Committee that you have solid plans after graduation. And, of course, for an impressive paper, you need a suitable essay question.

If you’re looking for something more creative than just why study public health essays, take a look at the most successful topics for your piece:

  • The reasons why you chose public health.
  • Why are you interested in public health?
  • What are your short-term and long-term career goals in the public health field?
  • What is public health? What are its five most important functions?
  • What are your post-graduate career goals in the public health field? Share with us your first-choice career plan and your alternate plan.


How to Choose Public Health and Freedom ACT Paper Topics?

Some people think that the ACT is “easier” than the SAT, but it’s not true – the reality is that different students do better on different tests. If you are going to take the ACT instead of SAT (say, if you think that your reading comprehension skills are not that perfect or if you prefer shorter tests), you’ll certainly find these essay topics for ACT public health and individual freedom useful:

  • Why is the number of drug treatment centers continuing to grow? Can medicine win the war on drug addiction?
  • The Internet and social networks can provide assistance to healthcare workers.
  • How can smoking ruin your intention to live happily ever after? What are the harmful effects of smoking on your family? How does secondhand smoking affect people around you?
  • What diseases can be caused by anxiety and stress? Explain how stress levels affect your health.
  • How can you avoid becoming infected with HIV? Why does the HIV epidemic not end despite the available information about it?


What Are the Best Public Health Issues to Explore in Essays?

In fact, there are thousands of public health issues on which you can write your college paper. This aspect is vitally important for our life, and researches in this area are constantly ongoing. However, the question arises here: what problems can you adequately explore in your essay? Below we have compiled a list of sample essay questions that you can use to write original papers on public health. Check them out and pick up the one you are most interested in:

  • Can measles be completely eliminated on a global scale?
  • How can we protect small children against poliomyelitis?
  • What is swine flu? Why is it so dangerous? How can you protect yourself from being infected?
  • What is the potential cause for autism prevalence estimates rising?
  • The medical industry is constantly growing. What areas of medicine need nursing staff most?


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