What Are Some Good Satirical Essay Topics and Funny Ideas for Serious Papers?

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02 Apr 2020

One cannot but agree that satire is a brilliant form of humor. It's been used through the ages from Defoe to Swift, and now it's your turn to shine the light. If you are assigned a satirical paper and have no idea where to start, fret no more. We've prepared this article to give students like you a helping hand. So, don't waste your time and keep on reading for great topic ideas and writing tips.

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satirical essay topics


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How to Write a Satirical Essay That Would Score High?

So, you are expected to write a satire essay and looking for a legit topic. Let us go back to the very beginning and figure out what this type of paper exactly is. Then, we'll give you a couple of tips & tricks prior to providing useful examples of the best satirical essays topic ideas.

What is a satirical essay?

It's hard to provide a сlear-cut definition, as a satire essay isn't actually a kind of essay. In fact, a specific approach to writing you can use for almost any topic or type of paper. You can master satire in argumentative essays, in persuasive speeches, in articles, and other content. Basically, if your professor asks you to come up with a satirical essay on obesity, or you believe that satire will make your paper on social media or racism more interesting, it's okay to employ this technique. For example, Swift has skillfully played with the income gap and general welfare in his book 'Modest proposal.' There, he suggests eating babies of poor Irish to make them beneficial to the public. Later on, this approach has been copied by other authors to work with other controversial topics like abortion or euthanasia.

How to choose a topic for a satirical paper?

The very first step in producing a satirical essay is finding a good topic. It's not a step that should be rushed, so give it a while. To deliver the best content, remember to pick up an idea that you are passionate about. Importantly, you must also be keen on the selected issue to form a logical point of view and create a humorous analysis. Besides, it's much more fun to reflect on and share your personal thoughts about an issue you love. For instance, it can include current events or things that are going viral.

Undoubtedly, another crucial thing to consider when selecting your satire essay ideas is to think whether the subject is actually funny. It might be very complicated to cover a topic if it has no humorous aspect you can poke fun at. Try looking at the subject from different angles to find the way you can make it gripping and enjoyable for the readers. Simply ask yourself: what's funny or ironic about this topic?


What Are the Topics for a Satirical Essay on Evergreen Issues?

Society has always craved satirical and funny writing, especially when it comes to topical issues. Why not trying your satirical skill in exploring matters that really bother people. Still, research things very carefully: your paper should have solid arguments, not just random jokes. Check out the following ideas for your famous satirical essays to-be on evergreen events.

  • Explain the current economic and political climate to a time traveler from the past.
  • Should the United States build the wall and make Mexico pay for it?
  • What are the easy ways to tackle global warming?
  • Satirical essay on drugs: Why are drugs illegal?
  • Satirical essay on texting and driving: How to prevent the escalation of this issue?


What Are Some of the Funny Satirical Essay Topics About School Years?

When you write about your school or local community, you have high chances to come up with a paper that will get right into the heart of other students. This is because you are discussing something really familiar to them. Here are some topics for high school papers that might become handy.

  • Produce a funny review of your school cafeteria.
  • Write a playful send-up of your favorite professor.
  • How does a typical student of your institution look like?
  • What course or activity would you like to add to the curriculum?
  • Why is studying at school important?


What Topics for Satirical Essay Examples About Technology Could Be Highlighted?

It goes without saying that technology has endless areas to examine. And as this topic is extensive, you can choose any aspect, personalize it to the outline, and make it enjoyable to work on. Yes, you might have an endless list of ideas for the papers, but the ones below are the best to create a satirical essay on:

  • How have information technologies changed over the years?
  • Will robots ever replace humans?
  • Could you live without your gadgets for a day?
  • Can we rely on technologies for everything?
  • How has technology influenced our communication?


These are just some of the satirical topics that will surely make strong titles for your high school or college essay. However, if you are struggling to create the text you are proud of, let one of the best paper writing services, a.k.a. WePapers.com, do the job for you. You can pay for college essay and hire vetted writers who would help you craft a perfect satirical paper and make sure you don't miss any deadlines. Intrigued? Reach out to us to learn more and place an order!


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