Argumentative Essay Topics Education Sphere Students Should Consider for Writing

Essays on education come in many styles and forms, with each of them having its peculiarities and challenges. Many students consider argumentative essays on education extremely exciting. However, there are many other types of education essays that one can enjoy writing.

Whether you’re looking for an example of a winning essay idea, or wonder how to tackle a particular type of education paper, our post is here to help you. The writing experts at are glad to offer you some bright education essay ideas and provide answers to any of your writing questions. Moreover, if you want to go a bit beyond, they can put all their expertise in order to practically help you craft an entirely unique piece.

education essay topics


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Where Can You Find the Best Essay Topic About Education?

With education essays being a popular assignment, students can find plenty of topics to choose from. Unless the essay topic is specified by your teacher, you can look through the recent scientific publications, scholarly journals, and textbooks to select the ideas that will interest you. Besides, you can check the reliable online resources, forums, and educational sites to find even more options.


Persuasive Essay Topics Education That Will Inspire You

In persuasive (argumentative) essays, you’re supposed to use reason and logic to convince the audience why your point of view is more legitimate than all others. Persuasive essays on education require clear arguments backed up by logical reasons and convincing facts. We also recommend you to choose the topic that sparks your interest as it will make the writing process enjoyable.

  • “The Banking concept” by P. Freire – an effective method of education that should become more popular;
  • The biggest problems of the present-day US education system and how they can be resolved;
  • The benefits of bilingual education for ESL students in the US.

Further, we provide some interesting ideas and answers to the most common questions on different types of education essays.


What should you write in the importance of education essay?

The essays on the importance of education can be assigned to students of different ages and levels of education. Often, high school students are required to prepare a short essay sample and explain why education is crucial for them. In a 5 paragraph essay you can use the first 150 words to write an introduction, provide your points in the three middle paragraphs, and write the conclusion in the last paragraph.

  • Why is early childhood education important for kids with special needs?
  • Why should a college education be free for students?
  • Why is high school education important to me?

What are some hot ideas for a sex education essay?

Although sexual education is taught in schools, it frequently becomes a controversial part of the school curriculum. The debates on what should be taught to the students and at what age keep heating up the issue. Essays on sex education help to outline the role and importance of it as a subject.

Here’re some excellent sex essay ideas that you may like:

  • Should sex education start at home or at school?
  • How does the content of sex education vary around the US?

What technology in education essay topics should you choose?

To write a successful essay on technology in education, you should pick a topic that will let you show the influence of the latest technologies on both students and teachers. You can explain in what ways technologies make the studying process easier and more interactive.

The topics below may interest you:

  • The benefits of online education in the time of global quarantine;
  • In what way does education benefit from the latest technologies?

How should you pick the purpose of education essay ideas?

Purpose of education essays speak about the importance of school and college education, and its role in life and development of children. A good essay topic should help you reveal your views and thoughts.

  • How can the education system be improved to meet the needs of US companies?
  • What are my key purposes for getting a higher education?

What’s so special about the physical education essay?

Many students wonder: “Why is physical education taught in school?” The answer to this question is simple – PE lessons help children to become fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Essays on physical education tell about the importance of this subject, regular exercise and fitness in the life of students. Here’re a few samples of topics you can choose:

  • Should physical education become mandatory in high schools?
  • What PE lessons activities you think are the most effective and why?

What philosophy of education essay is peculiar with?

The role of school and college teachers in the life of a person is vital. Successful teachers are guided by their own philosophy, which determines their style of schooling. The essays on the philosophy of education aim to explain what influences someone’s way of teaching.

Below are a few interesting examples of education philosophy ideas:

  • Americanism education leaders whose achievements inspire me;
  • Why do I consider the principles of Emerson education to be prominent?

What are some bright ideas for the value of college education essay?

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of college education for modern-day students. The experience and knowledge they gain become the key to their future success. A good topic on the value of college education helps students open up their thoughts and ideas.

  • Is education a right or a privilege in the modern world?
  • The effects of poverty on getting a college education.

How to score with the ‘education should be free for everyone’ argumentative essay?

This is a popular topic for argumentative essays that talk about college education. Hence its name, an essay with such a topic should convince your audience why education should become free for everyone. Take your time to find some solid arguments and support them with facts and relevant data.

What ‘Brown VS Board of Education’ essay should be about?

‘Brown VS Board of Education’-type essays explain what role this case played in the social life of the US and in its education system.

  • How did the ‘Brown VS Board of Education’ case influence the education system of the US?

Are there some sound education and career goals essay examples?

Essays on education and career goals explain how getting a higher education helps to build a successful career. Alternatively, these essays can tell about school careers and their importance.

  • Why does higher education open up better career options?
  • Why I want to be a special education teacher?

What is the purpose of the benefits of college education essay?

Essays on the benefits of college education talk about the increasing demand for higher education in the modern world. They also explain in what ways employees, society, and students themselves benefit from getting a college education.

  • The reasons for pursuing higher education that drive me forward.
  • What essential life skills do students gain while pursuing higher education titles?


Each type of education essay has certain peculiarities and can turn out to be challenging. If you’re struggling to pick a good topic or have difficulties composing the essay, you can apply to reliable online service and have professional paper writers help you. Our experts are ready to provide you with impeccable, yet cheap essays that will definitely let you score high.