How to Find Great GED Essays Topics and Write Excellent Papers?

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18 Mar 2020

Many international students find GED essay questions especially difficult. And since the test accounts for 35% of the total English language grade, you should prepare well to get enough points scored and pass the writing test. GED paper question covers a wide range of topics and requires a certain type of response. It could be explanation, argumentation, narration or comparison and contrast. It's crucial to understand with type would be easier for you to cope with in order to succeed. In this article we've prepared a sort of checklist with tips and example topics to help you get ready for the exam.

ged essay topics

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Where to Look for Worthy Ideas for GED Essay Samples?

  • Educational websites. Just google, and you'll find many resources with a treasure trove of materials on how to write a winning GED essay. Besides, you can download a pdf guide or an entire book with tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the exam. Many of such resources also offer a structure template and a list of time-proved topics to get started.
  • Many popular online forums are full of recommendations from graduates on how to pass the GED exam. They also offer sample topics you are free to use for inspiration.
  • Look for online directories with hundreds of possible ideas to select from.


GED Essay Tips: How to Select a Decent Topic?

Choosing the best essay topic for your GED writing exam is truly a rocket science for many students. You are pressed with time and need to make your choice quickly. Smartness and good reasoning can take you through successfully. Let's illustrate this with a simple example.

Say, you have to support one of the two ideas. The first one states that lunches at school should be entirely vegetarian and provides solid stats on the positive effect of such a diet on teenagers' health. Another one argues that the diet should be well-balanced and provides many justifications in its support. If you have to decide between the two passages, don't think what really is true. Go with the option that resonates with your inner feelings most, even if the other one has more persuasive arguments. When listening to your heart, you are more likely to craft a well-founded essay regardless of the objective circumstances.


What Are the Best GED Essay Topic Examples to Practice Writing?

Whether it's a GED social studies or GED language arts essay, the writing portion of the exam will require you to produce a short paper on a pre-selected topic. It can be either a descriptive, narrative, or a persuasive essay assignment and should have a strong thesis statement and several well-developed paragraphs. You may only write on the provided topic, so it's useful to practice writing on multiple issues beforehand. Here are the titles of some of the most popular GED writing essay examples:


How to Write an Essay for the GED Test on Any Topic?

GED writing practice test essay can cover literally any topic. However, there are specific subjects that may break up into a lot of possible titles. There are thousands of such questions, so we have outlined some of the most unexpected ideas to draw inspiration from. Once you're ready to practice writing a GED essay, set your timer at 45 minutes and embark upon a 5-paragraph essay on one of the following topics:


Any Additional GED Essay Prompts about the Topic to Consider?

Still struggling to find a GED essay example topic to practice your academic writing skills on? Then feel free to take a look at the following list of suggestions:

With this list, you will have a broad range of ideas and topics to choose from. However, if you are stuck and need more hands-on help with GED, we are ready to assist you. For example, we can prompt where to start or how to format your prospective GED paper. Quick paper writing services review demonstrates that has arguably the best combination of top-notch quality and affordable rates. Why waste your time? Just message 'write essay for me' and let out world-class experts take care of the challenge!


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