How to Succeed with Choosing College Admission Essays Topics?

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19 Mar 2020

Writing a college admission paper is a tough gig. Though it’s a common and simple assignment, students are prone to making many mistakes and experience stress. No strange, you’ve got to stay memorable, insightful, charming, and personal - all in less than two pages. But let us tell you a secret: the good topic idea makes a half of a good college admission essay. If you are really into what you are writing about, if you are covering something truly meaningful and serious in your life, then that meaning and passion will come alive on the pages of your essay, as well as in the mind of your readers.

college admission essay topic

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Why Is Finding Great Admission Essay Topics Essential?

Have you ever wondered what your application papers tell the admission committee about you? Mostly it’s just facts and raw numbers: your name, high school, grades and exam scores. This is not enough unless, of course, college officers are looking to build up a robot army.

So how to get them to feel your personality and character that make you the person you are? The answer is simple: with your college essay. This assignment is a way to introduce yourself to the commission in a manner that proves your maturity and demonstrates your thrive in the independence of college life and future work.

That’s why picking offbeat essay topics for college admission is really important: it allows you to showcase that you have all the admission teams are striving for. And this is best-communicated through the insights you reflect on, defining experiences or vulnerabilities you share. Examples of your creative thinking and problem-solving skills mean a lot as well.

In other words, a good topic is a moment from your past that you can relate to, explain the effect of, and make conclusions from. Besides, you should be able to narrate how this event changed you and made the better person you’re now. If you manage to do all that, you will be well ahead of the admission essay game.


What Are the Best College Admission Essay Topics Examples?

One of the easiest ways to develop a legit college essay topic is to focus on a particular moment that reflects something about your personality or character. You don’t need to tell readers a long, complicated story to get a remarkable paper. All you need is a bright moment. Recall one, and work out from there. Here are some of the ideas you can consider:

  • Describe a book or a movie that has particularly influenced you.
  • If you were given a chance to change some moment in your life, would you seize this opportunity? Why or why not? If yes, what would you change?
  • Think of your childhood. How did you get your interests? For example, was there any moment hat made you want to become a lawyer and apply to law school?
  • Have your upbringing and background shaped much your character and interests?
  • Remember an important life situation that made you hesitate. Narrate how you managed to cope with your doubts. What life lessons did you learn?


What College Admissions Essay Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out?

It’s obvious that the college selection process now is tougher than ever before. It’s really hard to find something you archived in the high school that will help you to catch the eye of the admission team. This not to diminish your merits and all the hard work you’ve done; it’s just to warn that everyone is writing papers about more or less similar things. To look unique in the huge pool of applicants, you need to write about something big and remarkable. It should be something that the poor college admission officer hasn’t read before in hundreds of papers he's seen before.

  • Describe a story that illustrates best the type of person you are.
  • Remember the single biggest achievement you’ve made to any aspect of your life.
  • Are there any extracurricular or community activities you participate in? What do you like the most about them?
  • What subjects do you wish to study? Tell the admission team about your academic aspirations.
  • Reflect on a problem you already solved or would like to solve. It might be an ethical dilemma, intellectual challenge or any obstacle you faced in life.


Which College Admissions Essay Topics to Avoid?

One of the most popular mistakes students make when embarking upon their college admission essays is selecting a wrong topic. It’s a big turn off, for example, when young learners write about their pets or favorite movie. Our paper writing service experts have identified some of the topics you should totally avoid:

  • Topics with great focus on someone else.
  • Exaggerations and lies.
  • Highly debatable and sensitive topics.
  • Tragedies, death, divorce, etc.

If you need some extra help with your college admission essay or want to buy paper online as a reference, we offer a number of services designed to assist high school seniors with getting into the college of their dreams. Get in touch and let us help you promptly and with care.


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