Which Media Analysis Essay Topics Better to Choose to Come Up with an Interesting Paper?

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24 Apr 2020

Media analysis is considered by many students to be an intricate and perplexing field. Essays on media analysis can be especially challenging as they require a deep understanding of the subject and excellent analytical skills. To a great extent, the success of a media analysis essay depends upon a topic one chooses for it. This is why you should pay particular attention when deciding on the subject of your future paper as it will define the course of your research work and may either make your essay shine or bring it into a dead-lock.

In this post, we give answers to some of the most frequent questions on writing media content analysis essays and present some bright ideas that will get you writing with inspiration. Also, we offer all-round practical assistance by competent writers with crafting original papers within the set time frames. Get in touch to learn more or place an order today!

media analysis topics


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What Are Some Good Media Content Analysis Topics?

The goal of media analysis is to examine different types of media and evaluate which one of them promotes a particular service or product in the most appropriate way. Media plays a significant role in shaping and functioning of society as it helps to spread news items that were gathered through several reliable sources.

Good essays on media content analysis should follow specific analysis guidelines and answer the following questions:

  1. In what way the public discussion of a particular piece of news or an issue has been framed by media?
  2. How was a specific issue discussed by policymakers, advocates, and other experts?
  3. Which topics related to the subject have been covered, and which ones have been ignored?
  4. In which sections of magazines and newspapers has the issue been covered?
  5. Which messages were used by various reporters covering the issue?

Next come some examples of comprehensive media analysis topics that you can use to your advantage:

  • Research analysis of educational narratives from media, pop culture, and literature.
  • Analysis of the mass media's attitude towards fast food, healthy eating habits, and weight.
  • A research analysis of interconnections between media and violence.
  • An analysis of a TV sitcom (your choice).
  • An analysis of a particular advertisement.


Which Media Research Paper Topic Would Be a Good Choice?

Although papers on media analysis generally require much diligence and attention to detail, with the right topic, they might be exciting to write and research on. General expert advice that you should follow is to opt for a subject which you find to be interesting. Keep in mind that to prepare a solid essay, you'd have to read and analyze a large amount of information. Doing that on a topic that you find boring can turn the whole process into torture.

Take your time, choose several possible issues, and perform prior research to see the potential of each before selecting the one that you'll be writing on.

We hope that the ideas below will ignite your interest and help you prepare an outstanding essay:

  • Analysis of the media and culture issues of modern society.
  • A research analysis of a dominant ideology in different media texts.
  • Study of gender stereotyping in a TV show (your choice).
  • Comparative analysis of various strategies of Netflix social commerce.
  • Research analysis of how social media affects social environments.


Where Can Students Find the Best Ideas for Media Analysis Topics?

Media analysis provides a great variety of topics to write on. If your teacher hasn't offered any essay prompts, it means that you're given the freedom to choose a subject of your future paper yourself. While some students may consider it to be a good thing, others may be confused and spend much time looking for a suitable topic.

Luckily, there are many sources where you can find good media analysis ideas for your essay. First of all, you should check scientific publications and scholarly journals in your college library. With media being an ever-changing field, make sure that you look through the recent works that reflect the newest trends. Additionally, you can check on the various online forums, educational sources and databases where professionals offer plenty of fresh and apt topics for you to choose from. Here are some great examples of such:

  • An analysis of the media's impact on various eating disorders.
  • Comparative analysis of a few articles on adolescents, violence, and media.
  • Research analysis of the audience segmentation in media advertising.
  • Study of "The Naked Crowd" by J. Rosen.
  • Analysis of the "Mainstream Media" article.


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