How to Pick Theatre Essay Topics That Guarantee a Positive Outcome?

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24 Apr 2020

Traditionally, theatre is where people go to hear the truth. It's a challenge for our mind, as it prompts us to think and use our imagination. During a musical or a play, we dive into the world of fantasy and fascination, a world that lasts only a certain time span. A short period during which we can feel joy, pain, hatred, or love.

No wonder, theatre becomes a common assignment for high school or college students. If you are to compose an essay about theatre, the first thing you should do is to pick up a winning topic. A good title is already halfway to a great paper. Nevertheless, the theatre itself is a broad subject with many possible aspects to cover. You can narrow it down by time frame, for example, explore theatre in the 19th century, or geographically, like theatre in Asian countries. Furthermore, you can compare different plays, explore history, and predict the future of theatre or discuss its impact on culture. Our experienced authors can offer a whole lot more original topics to select from or even craft a unique piece according to your requirements. Contact today for more information or place an order right now!

theatre essay topics


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If you opt to take on the job by yourself, we advise you to try drawing a roadmap and narrow down your topic. Start with the general questions like what the theatre is, how it works, and why it's important. Then specify them to more definite points to find an original niche for your essay. Once you get a particular issue to address, continue your brainstorming process and make up a list of solutions to the problem or arguments you will develop in your paper.

Coming up with a strong topic is a tough venture. To help you out, our professional writers have collected a bunch of ideas you can use for any paper on theatre. So, let's get started!


What Are the Best Topics for a Theatre Essay?

Performing arts are multifaceted and can be used not only to tell stories and express ideas but also to influence people, entertain and educate them. Therefore, you can use numerous perspectives as your paper subject and produce an engaging essay. Below you'll find the list of ideas you are welcome to employ as the exact topic or as a starting point to generate new titles.

  • Do you agree that the humor in the theatre of the absurd often relies on a sense of violence and hopelessness?
  • Why was Elizabethan theatre so successful?
  • How is the Elizabethan theatre different from the modern one?
  • TOP 5 reasons why I love theatre.
  • What is the role of government and local authorities in supporting cinema and theatre artists?
  • Compare and contrast ancient Greek and experimental theatre.
  • How can performing arts be used as a learning tool in schools?
  • What is the difference between drama and theatre?
  • Should censorship be strictly enforced in theatres?
  • Compare the endings in two different plays in the theatre of the absurd.


What Can You Write a Theatre Critique Essay About?

Got an assignment to write a critique paper and don't know where to start from? Don't freak out. A theatre critique essay is nothing more than just essay on theatre experience where you discuss a performance of a play or musical in written form. Such paper can be either positive or negative, as the author's work actually deserves. Stay objective, constructive and fair. Remember to indicate nice aspects along with the points you felt needed improvement. Writing a theatre critique involves a lot of logical skills and knowledge, but the most essential is your aesthetic feeling. Think of any decent play you watched recently and imagine yourself a critic. Nothing comes to your mind? Maybe the following topic will put an idea into your head.

  • Caryl Churchill's A Number: theatre as a way to address topical issues in society.
  • Racial particularism and dramatics in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • How is World War II depicted in South Pacific?
  • A time for heroes: what was the mission of Nathan Hale?
  • Explore the influence of contemporary theater in A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.
  • Holocaust in art: how is it expressed in The Diary of Anne Frank?
  • What is the role of women in the American Musical Theatre?
  • Reflect on the themes of blacksploitation and the attitude to African Americans in The Wiz.
  • Canadian modern dance through the perspective of Anna Wyman Dance Theatre.
  • How did Rodgers and Hammerstein transform Broadway and American theatre culture?


We're totally sure that you have found a fresh and interesting topic for your theatre essays on our lists. Without any doubt, performing arts provide a great source of inspiration to create a top-notch paper. Still, if you don't feel confident about your skills in putting the words down on paper and need essay or case study writing help, you are welcome to use our paper writing service. At, you will find a team of vetted experts and high-quality writing at affordable pricing. Good luck on your way to the best grades!


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