What Common App Essay Ideas and Topics Can Help Get into College?

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02 Mar 2020

A strong Common App essay can be written on more or less any topic. Grandparents, community service, pizza, childhood… Name one, and the admission officers are likely to have read hundreds of essays on it. For many high school learners, it might be exasperatingly frustrating to choose the 'right' Common App essay topic ideas because there are too many options. In this guide, we will sort out what makes a topic winning and provide you with some examples to get started. Moreover, we'll show you the way how to get an outstanding Common App essay with the highly qualified help from WePapers experts and the minimum effort on your side.

common app essay topics


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How to Brainstorm Ideas for Common App Essay?

Before reading the 2020 prompts, brainstorming is an important tool to come up with high-level ideas. One method to get a top-notch topic would be to go for your passion and concentrate on some engaging activity or concept. For example, when talking about creative writing, one could point out their love of conveying emotions via words, depicting interactions between characters and highlighting how writing differs from real-life experiences.

Another method would be to ponder over how your personality has evolved, for instance, in relation to your family. Maybe one of your siblings is quiet, the other one is hot-headed, and you, as a middle one, behave as the voice of reason. These are two simple examples of boundlessly many topics you could invent.

To start producing your own first-class ideas, check out these core questions that all legit Common App papers should cover:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What does make me stand out from others?
  • What is important to me?


What Are the Best College Essay Ideas Common App Prompts Should Answer?

Common App paper is a 650-word essay that contains seven broad prompts to choose from. In fact, the prompt you pick doesn't matter by itself. We recommend starting with the essay first and then matching it with the prompt (will talk about it a bit later).

Here are the Common App prompts students are invited to address in 2020-2021:

  • Students usually have different backgrounds, interests, and talents so engaging that young learners think their application will be incomplete without it. Does it sound like you? If yes, share your story.
  • The lessons we learn from the challenges we face can be crucial for later success. Remember the time you encountered a setback, obstacle or failure. How did it influence you and what did you take from that experience?
  • Recount a problem you would like to solve or a case when you already solved a complicated issue. It might be some research query, ethical dilemma or intellectual challenge - everything that is important to you with no regard to its scale. Describe why it was significant to you and what steps did you take to cope with the problem?
  • Have you ever challenged or questioned an idea or belief? What induced your thinking? Reflect on the outcome.
  • Describe an event, accomplishment or any other moment that boosted your personal development and a new understanding of others or even yourself.
  • Remember a concept, idea or topic you find so captivating that it makes you literally lose track of time. Why does it interest you? Who or what do you apply to when you wish to learn more?
  • Write an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be a paper of your own design, the one that corresponds to another prompt or even the one you've already written.


What Are Some Good Common App Essay Topics?

From our experience, the easiest way to craft a stellar Common App paper is to word backward. We've already told you what the prompts really mean, so once you decide on the story to share with the admission officers, making a good fit with one of the prompts will be as easy as ABC. Go ahead and take a pinch of inspiration from the questions below and then focus on the gleaming information or characteristics you want to reveal.


What Are the Worst Common App Essay Topics to Write About?

We would never tell the applicants that any of the Common App paper topics are off-limits. Frankly speaking, great writers can use even the most generic, banal and mundane things and transform it into an engaging piece of content. However, having read and written thousands of college essays, we can say that there are subject students better steer clear of; lest they are likely to fall victim to some all-too-common mistakes and fail. So, here are the top 5 Common App essay topics to avoid:

Here you go! The Common App essay can actually be rewarding to work on even for inexperienced paper writers if you spare about time to prepare for it thoroughly. So, hunker down and remember to have fun throughout the writing process. However, if you are pressed with time or need any further assistance with your assignments, just contact us today, ask 'Do my essay for me' and let us do the all hard work for you.


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