How to Come Up with Decent Ideas for Microeconomics Essay Topics?

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15 Apr 2020

Academic writing skills are better acquired, not learned. There is no silver bullet on how to craft a good paper fast and easy. Yet, choosing a compelling topic is already a good start. Microeconomics is a field that covers a broad range of aspects. As a result, it might be challenging to come up with worthy topic ideas, especially if you have just started your class. To lend you a helping hand, we've collected 20+ strong topics for your future research.

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microeconomics essay topics


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Microeconomics Essay Questions and Answers: What Makes a Good Topic for Such a Paper?

What is the first thing to consider when choosing a topic for an essay?

Choosing a topic you are much interested in should be your primary goal. If you pick up a subject you don't like at all, make no mistake – your next day, week or a month will be a chore. Thus, try to find some issue that connected with you personally or that links to your community. Believe us, it would be a far more rewarding and exciting process. In microeconomics, there is a great variety of possible real-world focuses. For example, if the government subsidizes the production of electric cars, examine how it influences a particular company, as well as the demand for vehicles as a whole. The trick is to avoid too descriptive topics and find a real-world issue you can connect to some interesting microeconomic theory or approach.

How to pick up a viable topic?

Before you get carried away with your engaging idea, carefully consider if you can gather enough information to answer the question. Some topics regarding a particular company might be commercially sensitive, so it will be hard to find the necessary data. Also, if you reflect on the role of government for a specific microeconomic issue, it might be difficult to isolate the policy change effect.

Can I consider an interdisciplinary topic?

Why not? If you study microeconomics and want to expand your knowledge to another academic subject, it would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about this field. You are free to consider an essay that covers sociology, history, business, psychology, or politics, just to name a few. The main benefit is that you have a chance to try out methods and information from the other discipline to see if further studying it would interest you. It will also help to craft a memorable and unique paper, as most of your colleagues are likely to opt for a topic that is a purely economic one.


What Are Some Decent Ideas of Microeconomics Topics for Essay?

Microeconomics covers an endless variety of possible issues, including pricing, supply and demand, elasticity, market structures, labor market, etc. These broad themes include many subtopics you can choose for your research. Below are 10 microeconomics essay topics to get you off to a good start:

  • Inflation: definition, types, factors, and consequences.
  • What is the influence of game theory on economic theory as a whole?
  • Explain the effect of the labor force participation rate on the budget and economy.
  • How do changes in income impact consumer choices?
  • Discuss the concept of economic equilibrium.
  • Analyze Coca Cola demand and supply.
  • What is the difference between implicit cost and opportunity cost?
  • Do labor markets work effectively only when they are free?
  • How does the minimum wage influence market equilibrium?
  • Pricing and industry structure when demand elasticity changes.


What Microeconomic Essay Topics on Business to Opt For?

Here you can analyze the activities of a business unit from a microeconomic perspective. Discuss the possible barriers for opening a new business, distinguishing characteristics of its operation, and the ways microeconomic principles affect business decisions. Here are a few ideas that might come handy for you:

  • How to increase the profitability of a small business entity?
  • What should a business do to cope with an economic crisis?
  • What are the ways to minimize both the cost and risks of expanding your business?
  • How do companies use the long-run average total cost curve for their planning?
  • Reflect on the disadvantages of a union strike for employees?


Can You Recommend Topics for Microeconomics Essays on Pricing and Marketing?

We sure can! In this context, you may analyze how price changes influence sellers and buyers, explore successful marketing strategies, and investigate companies' pricing policies on different levels. Below are a couple of ideas for your inspiration:

  • How do companies use price or non-price competition? Do they differentiate their products?
  • Investigate a particular industry. Which firms have gained the biggest market share and what is the concentration ratio?
  • How does advertising affect purchasing decisions?
  • How do cartels cause inefficiencies in the oil and gas markets?
  • What is the role of social media marketing in stimulating supply?


Okay, we're done with the topics. 20 ideas are enough for a good start, huh? If you've found the subject you are passionate about, but don't feel like a paper writer skilled to cover it, or simply don't have the inspiration to do the job, we are ready to help you out. has a good reputation among students that is proved by a large number of returning customers. Just contact us to buy argumentative essay online, and we will astonish you with outstanding quality and affordable prices.


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