Scholarship Essay Topics That Could Bring Your Paper to the Next Level

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30 Mar 2020

Applying for scholarships would be as easy as ABC if it wasn't for the writing assignment that often asks us to reflect on our life, our accomplishments, and future plans. For better or for worse, a scholarship essay is not only the most challenging part of the application but also the most important one. The topic you choose may have a massive impact on the final result. For instance, if you select a topic that bores you, what are the chances it wouldn't bore your readers? Try to come up with an idea you're passionate about or that at least interests you in some way rather than a topic you feel it would be right to cover. Only that way, your excitement, personality, along with all those traits that make you stand out from the crowd, can shine through in your academic writing! Below, you can take a look at the common thought-provoking questions for a scholarship essay and choose the one your heart sets on.

scholarship essay topic

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Popular Scholarship Essay Topics to Start From

It's not a secret that essays are required to apply for a scholarship. So, we recommend having several pre-written texts before beginning to fill in the application form. This will speed up the very process and also allow you more time to pursue more scholarships. Papers you would've prepared beforehand may not fit the required essay topic exactly. However, you will be able to implement minor changes and adjust the texts to the topic required by the application.

In addition to the main topic of an essay, the scholarship jury may also seek your answer on questions about your personal achievements, a field of study, backgrounds, future goals, etc. Sometimes in order to check your problem-solving skills and test your outlook, scholarship assignments may ask to reflect on some topical events and issues. Such questions are primarily designed to showcase your vision, creativity, and motivation. Besides, they also provide you with the chance to demonstrate your strong abilities and qualities. Some possible titles include:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What or who inspires you?
  • Reflect on a book or film that made a significant impression on you.
  • Why do you need this scholarship?
  • Why is education important to you? Your community?
  • What are you going to do to change this world for the better?
  • Is there anything you've done in the past that made a difference for your friends/school/community?
  • Are you a leader? Why or why not?
  • Describe some of the solutions you would propose to resolve or improve any urgent issue (economy, health care, discrimination), etc.


10 Unmatched Scholarship Essay Topic Ideas

Basically, colleges or universities want to know what qualities, interests, values, and skills you have developed and are willing to contribute to their community. In turn, other organizations often look for specifics (i.e., for you to speak about those skills and values in the context of a particular issue). For example, how sports have helped you become more confident or how your analytical skills are relevant to your future goals or career. Here are some of the winning examples:

  • How did you become a passionate and dedicated student? What events or experiences have made you continue your education?
  • Have you ever struggled extremely for something and got it? What has helped you to succeed?
  • Have you ever struggled extremely for something and failed? What was your response? What lesson did you learn?
  • How I decided to become a school entrepreneur and managed to earn my first $100.
  • How I decided to take a gap year and learn the unique cultures around the globe.
  • What are the most important community or extracurricular activities to you? Why did you join them? What makes you continue to contribute to these activities?
  • What do you dream about? If you look back on your life in twenty or thirty years, what do you need to consider your life successful and yourself happy? How will this scholarship help you to accomplish your plans?
  • Are scholarships so crucial for students? Why do students need them to succeed in life?
  • Is there any quality, skill or attribute that distinguishes you from others? How did you develop it?
  • What are your major achievements, and why do you consider them true accomplishments?

We hope these topic ideas for a scholarship essay will become a solid ground for your academic writing and inspire you to create the best paper. Nevertheless, if you need any essay writing help, our experts radiate with the ideas. Hire a professional paper writer on our website, and he will quickly produce a top-notch text for you in no time. Just text us or order online, and we will rapidly assign the best-suited expert to accomplish the task.


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