Best Topics to Nail Environmental Science Essays Easily

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31 Mar 2020

The environment is one of the fields that can boast of a broad range of essay topics to cover. This is the subject that touches the heart of many people and, thus, can become a good basis for your future paper. However, with so many topics to write about, it might be a real challenge to choose the right one. We recommend steering away from the common ideas that were already used by your course mates many times.

In addition to this, you need to find a really gripping topic to perform effective research. To succeed, look for a subject or issue that would give your teeth to study the facts deeply. If you are passionate about some aspects that relate to environmental science, that’s great. Still, remember to give your opinions a back seat so that to be able to produce a logical and respectful essay. You should never allow for your personal views to displace bare facts and rationality. Try to stay as realistic as possible to cover the hottest issues and provide the best ways of solving them. Below we have collected some compelling ideas for your next environmental science project. So, let’s get it started!

environmental science essay topics

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Environmental Science Essay Questions to Highlight About People and Nature

Nature and environment have been hot-button issues for decades now. Many scientific studies have proved human activities are one of the main reasons for environmental damage across the globe. However, there are still plenty of problems that have yet to be fully explored and resolved. Feel free to check out these five intriguing topic ideas about the connection of people and nature for you persuasive or argumentative paper:

  • Does the current generation produce more waste than our ancestors? What can be done to improve the situation?
  • Are city dwellers more immune to diseases than people living in villages? Why or why not?
  • Reflect on the primary environmental concerns of our future generations. Do you think they will face the same problems, or new threats will arise?
  • Should your community/college/school do more to encourage people to opt for alternative means of transportation?
  • If littering was punished with a bigger fine, would there be fewer people who break the law? Would more people focus on maintaining clean surroundings?


Environmental Science Essay Topic Examples on Pollution

It’s not a secret that environmental pollution is one of the gravest threats our planet faces in the current day scenario. It’s a global issue that is experienced in all states, including emerging economies, regardless of their development stage. As pollution is one of the worst dangers of humanity, the more we know about this enemy, the more efficiently we can deal with it. Check out our ideas for a paper on environmental pollution below and avail yourself of an opportunity to learn more and solve this issue.

  • What type of transport is the least ecological? Should its usage be banned?
  • Responsibility for environmental problems: is it higher for politicians than for common citizens?
  • What does cause ocean dead zones to increase? How can we reverse the process?
  • Industrial plants next to the water resources: is it the paramount headache that accounts for most human diseases?
  • Provide the most effective methods of waste management in different states.


Environmental Science Essay Ideas Regarding Technology

Industrialization multiplied by technological advancements has definitely affected the environment in a negative way. On the other hand, many technologies made a great contribution to protecting nature. For example, renewable sources of energy decreased the usage of fossil fuel. Computers and wireless technologies have made offices paperless, hence reducing the number of trees cut down to produce paper. In your essay, you are welcome to reflect on whether technological progress is good or bad for nature and how its achievements can be employed to protect the environment. Feel free to check the following ideas:

  • Does environmental protection hinder technological advancements?
  • Do you think that America should do more to put an end to the reliance on non-renewable sources of energy?
  • Hybrid cars: is this the solution to air pollution or are they overrated?
  • How do technologies help us to implement new climate change solutions?
  • Provide examples of technologies used for the treatment of hazardous wastes.

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