How to Choose Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics?

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20 Mar 2020

Writing essays on philosophy is an effective way for students to explore the ‘big’ questions and try to find the answers to eternal mysteries of life. While philosophy is an inexact branch of science, writing papers on it can be challenging. Many students consider choosing an essay topic to be the trickiest part.

What is philosophy essay? Which topic should you choose? What are the different types of philosophy essays peculiar with? In this post we reveal answers to the most frequent questions on writing a philosophy essay. In the end, you'll basically have two choices: come up with an idea and write an essay yourself or contact and ask them to do that for you! Alternatively, you can place an order right now.

philosophy essay topics


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What Are Some Good Philosophy Essay Examples of Topic Ideas?

To choose a great topic for your philosophy essay, you should understand its goal and purposes.

A philosophy essay aims to get you doing philosophy by trying to find answers to eternal questions. First, you should attain clarity about an asked question, and then provide answers that are supported by clear and logically structured arguments.

In a philosophy essay you should consider a particular thesis or argument (often, it has already been presented by some other philosopher).

Depending on a thesis or argument, your task may be to explain it, provide an argument that supports it, offer an objection to this thesis, evaluate the existing arguments in favor or against it, discuss possible consequences, etc.

A successful topic on philosophy essay is the one that sparks your interest and inspires you to explore it in detail. To find some good ideas, you can read recent scientific publications in online and printed sources, check the materials in your school library or use reliable online resources.

These are some winning philosophy essay topics that you can consider choosing:


How to Write a Philosophy Essay to Score High?

Although the topic plays a significant role, it’s not the only factor that determines the success of your future philosophy essay. The right structure, literacy, and formatting can improve your teacher’s overall impression and increase your chances of getting the top grade.

Similarly to research papers on many other disciplines, the structure of a philosophy essay is pretty standard. Unless your teacher has given some specific instructions you can follow this template:

  1. Introductory part with a thesis statement;
  2. Main ‘body’ part;
  3. Conclusion;
  4. Reference page.

Despite a simple structure, papers on philosophy differ from all other types of student works. To begin with, many students wonder how to start a philosophy essay. First of all, you need to introduce your readers to the overall idea of your essay. It’s best to start the introductory part with an engaging hook question or sentence in order to grab your readers’ attention. In a thesis statement that should be included in the introduction, you should present a certain thesis or argument in a clear and precise manner; a thesis can be true or false.

Depending on your thesis, in a body part you should present your thoughts in favor of or against it.

In the conclusion you sum up your thoughts and draw the bottom line.

To get a clear understanding of how your future essay will look like, you can read a sample essay that covers a topic similar to the one you’ve chosen.

Ask your teacher about a format you should stick to when writing your paper (it can be ASA, APA, etc.).

Here’re a few more good philosophy essay topics that may inspire you:


What Should You Know About a Personal Philosophy Essay?

Personal philosophy essays focus more on your values, beliefs, and personal identity, rather than on your biographical data or life experiences. Personal philosophy essays are usually used in teaching programs and apply to your own ideas of education, learning, and teaching.

Here’re some interesting ideas for a personal philosophy essay:

Many students find philosophy essays to be challenging and wonder if they can pay for essays online in order to ensure getting it done on time. If you need assistance with your philosophy assignment, you can apply to one of the reliable paper writing services and get experienced writers to help you.


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