How to Write a Process Essay: Time-Proven Tips and Tricks from Expert Writers

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13 May 2020

From explaining how to order a pizza to describing how to build a house or write a sci-fi novel – process essays can educate on practically anything in the world around us. Despite being seemingly easy and fun to write, they may hide some pitfalls. To craft a flawless process essay, you have to be keen on a topic in order to provide your audience with detailed and comprehensive instructions. With the process essays being somewhat different from the other student papers, you may come up with some questions while preparing them, especially if you haven’t done it before.

What’re the peculiarities of a process essay? Which topic should you choose for it? How to start a process essay? Further you’ll find quick and informative answers to all these frequently asked questions and get some helpful writing tips that will aid you at crafting a perfect process essay.

how to write a process essay

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What Is a Process Essay?

Process essays are often referred to as how-to essays. As this name implies, they serve to inform the audience on how to do something. In a process essay you need to explain how to carry out some procedure in a clear step-by-step manner. The readers should be able to follow your instructions and succeed at the task.


What Are Process Essay Definition and Purpose?

The process (how-to) essays are written to teach someone the steps for reaching a particular goal. A good process essay serves to lead the readers through the task and ensure their success.

While in most cases your readers haven’t done the task you describe in your essay before, you should provide them with a crystal-clear picture and include all possible details in order to ensure that the process they perform runs smoothly. Knowing what they should do and what the outcome will be, the readers will have much higher chances to succeed.


What Does a Basic Process Essay Outline Look Like?

To prepare a brilliant how-to essay, you need to be an expert on a process or task you’re going to describe. Before you start writing, you should become knowledgeable about your topic and research it from all possible angles. While you are researching, it’s best to take notes of all essential details and steps – that’s how you create an outline of the process essay, which you will use further while writing. The outline will help you not to skip any steps of the process, keep it organized, logical, and clear.


Which Structure Should You Stick to While Writing Process Essay?

The structure of process essays is pretty standard, and should include:

  1. An introduction, which is concise, yet interesting, can grab your readers’ attention and drive them into the topic. In this section you can also inform the readers about the complexity and length of the described process, and mention the tools that they will need for performing it.
  2. In the main ‘body’ part you should provide a meticulous step-by-step description of a process. Make sure to follow your outline in order not to miss out on any important details. Basically, one paragraph of the main part should contain one step of the described process.
  3. The conclusion summarizes everything you’ve said throughout the essay. In this section you also should describe the final product or result, and suggest a few ideas of what can be done with the product or process after it’s completed.

If you haven’t written a process essay before, you can find an example of such papers in printed or online resources. A process essay sample will help you gain a better understanding of what should be included in your paper.


Process Essay Examples of Topics for Your Inspiration

One advantage of process essays is that they give you freedom of what to write about. The possibilities are endless, which means that you’ll surely find a process that sparks your interest. Sometimes it’s enough to look around to decide on the future topic. If it’s hard for you to come up with a good idea right away, you can check the scholar journals in the library, or turn to the endless Internet resources. On educational websites you can find plenty of free process essays topics and pick the best one for your essay.

Here’re a few examples of the versatile process essay topics that may inspire you:

  • How to organize your desk.
  • How to wash wool clothes.
  • How to improve your memory.
  • How to stick to intermittent fasting.
  • How to start your online business.
  • How to pack your backpack.


Despite being seemingly easy and fun to write, process essays may often require meticulous planning and excellent writing skills. If you are short on time, can’t pick a good topic, or simply aren’t sure what to include in your paper, you may start wondering: “Is there someone who could write my college essays for me quick and cheap?” Luckily, you can always rely upon when you need urgent writing help. Our experienced paper writers will tackle all the challenges and prepare an excellent work that will bring you so-much desired relief and success.


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