Outstanding How-To Essay Ideas and Specific Topics to Spark Your Enthusiasm

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06 Mar 2020

Can you call yourself an expert on doing something? Would you like to educate others on it? How-to essays (sometimes otherwise called process essays), allow you to do just that. In simple words, your goal is to provide your audience with step-by-step instructions on how to do something. It can be anything – from such simple routines as making a sandwich to complicated processes such as setting up a website or building a spaceship. Remember that your instructions should be clear and detailed enough for your readers to follow and complete them.

The first step towards writing a great how-to essay is choosing an excellent topic. In this post, we offer an extensive list of winning how-to essay topics that will interest and inspire you. As a bonus, we'll explain how to brainstorm ideas for an essay and choose the best one of them.

how to essay topics

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Excellent How-To Essay Topics for College Students

While how-to essays can be written by students of all ages, in college they go to the next level. Your teacher may expect you to write on more advanced subjects and give an extensive explanation of how things work. Further, we provide a list of expert-recommended how-to essay ideas for college students.

  • How to pick a college major?
  • How to start your own business?
  • How to train for a marathon?
  • How to apply for a program to study abroad?
  • How to lose weight without dieting?
  • How to introduce topics of research papers?


Interesting How-To Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is a good time to improve your writing skills and broaden your outlook, and how-to essays can easily help you with that. We're quite certain that these good how-to essay topics will inspire you to write a worthy piece.

  • How to find a summer job?
  • How to start a music band?
  • How to use Google Maps?
  • How to stop procrastinating?
  • How to wash delicate clothes?
  • How to pack your suitcase?


Funny How-To Essay Topics for Students of All Levels

Sometimes, preparing written assignments can be an exhaustive and time-consuming task. However, a fresh and off-beat topic can make the writing process fun. These amusing how-to essay ideas will spark your creativity.

  • How to eat a whole pizza in 5 minutes?
  • How to burn a cake?
  • How to ruin a birthday party?
  • How to write a how-to essay?
  • How to become a social media star?
  • How to write essay when all you can think of is sleep?


Easy How-To Essay Topics for Young Students

How-to essays offer an excellent chance for younger students to get accustomed to preparing written tasks. While explaining some processes, they can improve their planning and writing skills, as well as their logical thinking. Some easy how-to essay topics we offer here will interest younger children and pre-teens.

  • How to make new friends?
  • How to memorize a poem quickly?
  • How to plan a birthday party?
  • How to make a bed?
  • How to organize your room?
  • How to take care of one's teeth?


Where Can You Find Good Ideas for a How-To Essay?

Despite being fun and exciting, how-to essays may hide certain pitfalls. While many students mistakenly consider them to be easy, they may procrastinate and end up having not enough time to prepare a solid work. However, how-to essays often require extra time for thorough planning and meticulous description of a process. The key to success with this type of assignment is being clear and precise while providing as many details as possible.

When it comes to choosing a topic, there are two things you should remember. First of all, you can't explain something to the audience if you don't have a clear understanding of how it works yourself. Second, writing an instruction on a thing that bores you can become a torture. That's why it is best to choose a subject that sparks your curiosity? The readers will notice your interest in it through your writing.

Luckily, there exist thousands of possible topics for how-to essays to choose from. You can draw inspiration from about anything – your textbooks, everyday routines, pop culture, social media, conversations with friends, or online resources – such as ours.

Make sure to research and read a lot on the chosen topic before you start composing your essay and don't forget to revise and correct before submitting it.

Although how-to essays seem to be an easy and enjoyable type of assignment, you still might have some difficulties preparing them. A complicated topic or lack of time may make you wonder, "Can someone write my essay for me?" The good news is you can always apply to a professional online writing service. At WePapers.com, an experienced paper writer will help you choose the best topic, suggest ideas on how to start an essay or craft the entire piece from scratch.


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