List of Really Good Informative Essay Topics for Students of All Levels

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06 Feb 2020

An informative essay aims to teach your readers something. This is its main difference from an explanatory paper or a persuasive essay. It's not about sharing your own opinion or convincing somebody to take one side or another – it’s all about the facts. In other words, you should explain to the audience something unknown before.

informative essay topics

Looking for good topics to write an informative essay on? You came to the right place! Right here you’ll find many informative and surprising topics, both complex and easy, that you can use for your paper. Moreover, they are all divided into categories, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in college or in 8th grade, you’ll definitely find a suitable topic for your informative paper.

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Universal Example Topics for Informative Essay

If you run out of ideas for your academic paper, check out this list of informative process analysis essay topics. The keyword here is "process." In other words, you need to write an informative paper while providing a kind of instructions for something. There are many ways to write such an essay, but it all depends on who writes it and for whom. Below you can find some universal examples of topics that suit almost everyone!


Informative Essay Topics for High School Students

Picking up a good informative topic isn’t difficult if you know how to do it. Your subject matter shouldn’t be too narrow or, vice versa, too broad. Also, you should take into account how relevant this topic is to your potential reader. For example, for a high school student, a good choice is topics related to future college education, problems that concern teenagers, the advantages and disadvantages of students' hobbies, etc.

One more important thing you should bear in mind is your teacher’s guidelines. If you find a balance between these two points, most likely, you can easily choose a great topic.

Take a look at some ideas of topics for an informative essay that may be your source of inspiration:


Informative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Very often middle school students (especially those who are just starting to develop their writing skills) make the same mistakes, most often stylistic ones. You should avoid slang, personalization, and contractions in your academic paper.

Keep this rule in mind and choose one of these exciting topics to write an A+ informative essay:

Informative Essay Topics for College Students

A college informative paper is something more than just telling everything you know about the subject. You must check out authoritative sources and use relevant data to select facts and information for the essay. In other words, you have to conduct a quite significant research. Of course, this requires a powerful paper idea – so here are some awesome topics options:

Don’t rush to start writing an informative paper – think carefully. Before diving into work, make drafts. It is often a very time-consuming activity to collect thoughts and ideas, pick up examples and facts for any type of essay; however, the result is well worth it.

Some topics seem to be utterly hackneyed: for example, smoking, legalization of marijuana, gun control, etc. They are utterly boring, and your teacher just got tired of them because dozens of students wite about them every year without expressing anything new. Choose a topic that will fascinate you and your readers – find something new and original.

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