Where to Find Fascinating Food Essay Topic Ideas?

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17 Apr 2020

Students always write a lot of essays on a wide variety of topics, which sometimes turn out to be quite unusual. However, the college paper topics are often associated with topical issues and the influence of various aspects of our fast-paced world on our lives. These papers are the most interesting to read because they derive from the realities of contemporary society and explore the problems that are a reason for concern for many people. For instance, fast food and its impact on people's lives and health is one of the fiercely debated topics at present.

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food essay topics


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What Are The Best Health & Fast Food Essay Topics?

Sometimes a modern person cannot do without fast food. The pace of life is to blame: there are so many things to be done. However, how does such nutrition affect health? You can explore this issue in your persuasive essay.

  • Do you believe that fast food causes the same addiction as drugs? How can you deal with this addiction?
  • Why do we continue to eat fast food even if everyone knows about its harm to health? Is it possible to completely abandon fast food in the modern world?
  • Analyze your own eating habits. Do you eat fast food and how often? What does your daily diet depend on? Does your food choice affect your health?
  • Most dieting experts that a healthy diet should be combined with physical activity. However, what do you think is more important for health – physical activity or refusal of fast food?
  • How does fast food consumption affect the population's life expectancy and the development of various diseases? Should the government deal with this problem? If you were the head of the Health Department, what measures would you take in this regard?


How to Pick Fast Food Argumentative Essay Topics?

If you study social studies, you may need to consider the effects of fast food consumption on people's life and health. If you need to come up with your own ideas, take a look at the following argumentative essay topics, which will help you to write a well-reasoned paper.

  • Is it fair to call Americans a fast food nation? Why or why not?
  • Although fast food has been stigmatized about being harmful, there are always two sides to each coin. Does fast food have any benefits? What can be done to have more benefits of fast food than harm?
  • Should the government control the number of fast-food ads? Would it be right to prohibit such advertising at all?
  • If parents give their kids junk food, should someone intervene? Who can influence the habits of child nutrition other than parents? Should school teachers develop healthy eating habits in children?
  • What will the fast-food industry look like in 15 years? Will there be significant changes?


What Food and Nutrition Essay Topics Are Good For College?

If you need a decent topic for your college essay on food and nutrition, the ideas below can be a great option, as they reflect leading trends in nutritional science.

  • Is fast food really cheaper than healthy food, or is it just a popular delusion? What other reasons make people eat fast food?
  • Can some infant milk formulas cause a risk of childhood obesity? What other factors increase these risks?
  • Discuss the safety considerations related to semi-finished products. What is the harm of such a meal? Does it have any benefit?
  • Food that feeds the brain: what kind of food products help students be more productive?
  • Modern human drinks a lot of coffee. Does the contemporary rhythm of life make people more dependent on stimulants like caffeine? How to avoid this problem?


Where to Find Interesting Food Topics for Essays?

Food and nutrition is always a controversial and hotly debated issue. If you want to write an interesting and creative essay that will be favorably different from the papers of your fellow students, we advise you to take a look at the following topics:

  • Explain how large corporations engaged in industrial food production promote the habit of poor eating habits among Americans (based on the Food Inc movie).
  • Is organic food really better for you and the environment?
  • Myths of our time: genetically modified food. Is the devil so black as it is painted?
  • Sports drinks: should sugary drinks still be considered "sports"?
  • Is being vegetarian natural for a human? Do vegetarian meals have any health effects?

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