How to Select Topics for Winning Chemistry Essays?

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13 Apr 2020

As we all know from the words of Walter White, chemistry is not only a science of matter, it is a science of change and interaction. The impact of chemistry on our daily lives is rarely apparent and yet remarkable. Most of what modern human beings consume is somehow related to chemistry.

Nevertheless, choosing an appropriate topic for a chemistry essay can be a challenge. The thing is, there are a lot of relevant issues in this area. It often happens that when you can choose literally anything around you – from chemistry in our daily life essays to papers about the chemistry of fireworks – you find yourself at a standstill.

chemistry essay topics

If you're looking for interesting and compelling topics for a chemistry essay, this article is what you need. Simple and complex essay prompts, ready-made titles and topics in the question and answer format, ideas for high school and college students – here you can find all of this. So don't waste your time and start checking our topics right now!

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What Are Some Good Ideas for Original Chemistry Extended Essay Topics?

Students are tasked with writing chemistry essays since school. Typically, the standard essay format in the college sets the limit of 1500 words. However, students who participate in the IB Diploma Program are expected to write excellent extended essays. The extended essay can be of up to 4000 words.

The keys task when crafting such an essay is selecting the subject to write about and exploring that essential research question. If you choose chemistry as your major, check out the following extended essay chemistry ideas:

  • The role of controversy in science. Is Prout's hypothesis a foresight of the future or random guess?
  • What types of chemical ingredients cause the majority of food allergies in humans?
  • How can one calculate the pH level?
  • Is it possible to reduce the caffeine content in coffee?
  • Green chemistry is a new chemical philosophy. Describe its principles and main development paths.


What Chemistry Essay Topic Ideas Fit Best for College Students?

Chemistry is one of the most exciting, demanding, and scoring academic disciplines. Relevant analysis, thorough research, and patient work will definitely help you improve the quality of your chemistry essay.

The following is a list of the most outstanding chemistry essay topics in accordance with the current university standards. Collect ideas from the suggestions and write your winning paper on chemistry:

  • Chemistry and agriculture: the use of growth stimulants in crop production.
  • The vibrational chemical reactions as an example of self-organization in inanimate nature.
  • Ferrites: production, application, properties.
  • Innovation in chemistry: the use of alternative energy sources.
  • The essence of a chemical experiment and its role in developing novice theories.


What Are the Best Chemistry Essay Questions for High School Papers?

Many students believe that chemistry is something remote related to large manufacturing and sophisticated research. But everything that surrounds us is actually chemistry: each atom, molecule, and piece of matter in one way or another participates in chemical processes. So you can choose literally any subject from chemistry in daily life essay in English and be right.

Before writing an essay, create an outline so as not to get confused in your own thoughts. Think carefully about the research question in order to preserve the logical structure of your work. If you need help with choosing topics for your chemistry paper, we offer you to take a look at some essay questions for high school students that you can use for your research:

  • Analyze the situation in everyday life when you may need basic knowledge of chemistry.
  • The use of organic chemistry in the IT industry.
  • The role of chemistry in environmental protection: assess the positive and negative effects of chemistry on nature and human life.
  • The importance of chemistry in the creation of new materials, dyes, and fibers.
  • The history of the discovery of rare chemical elements.


Even if you choose a great topic that interests you, writing a paper on chemistry from scratch is a very complicated and time-consuming task. Finding relevant information, structuring it, illustrating facts with proper examples, supporting your conclusions with reliable arguments... This will definitely take a ton of time.

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