How to Make Your Research Paper or Essay a Success with Interesting Renaissance Topics?

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14 Apr 2020

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Renaissance'? Florence, Leonardo, humanism, Age of Discovery. This remarkable era was so significant that it is hard to settle on one issue to write a paper about. No matter how obsessed you are with art and history, picking up a single idea can turn a real challenge. To help you out, our paper writers put together the list of topics you are free to use for your essay, research paper, presentation, or any other written task. Let's steep ourselves in the world of aesthetics and beauty!

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renaissance essay topics


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What Are the Best Ways to Develop Good Renaissance Essay Topics?

Write a regular book report

Choose a single topic you are interested in (artist, work of art, patron, etc.) and write several pages on it, answering general questions about artistic, historical, or social context. While writing, you are likely to get some new insights into this subject that you wouldn't get if you simply skim the material. Then all you need to do is to expound upon some appealing aspect you discovered and polish your topic.

Compare several topics in one paper

This approach is similar to the first one, except the main idea is to compare two or more points of view/artists/buildings/works of art and draw some conclusions from it. For instance, you can compare and contrast Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper with Andrea del Castagno's one. Is the interpretation of the scene by two artists the same? What is the difference in the techniques they used? The options of topics for this type of research paper are virtually unlimited.

Intrigue the readers with an unknown answer

Think of a question related to Renaissance that is out of the ordinary and doesn't have a definite answer. The trick is to come up with a distinct topic that will lead your investigation. Such an issue should be open-ended so that the answer isn't too simple, but at the same time, pretty narrow so that it could be addressed within your page limit.


What Italian Renaissance Research Paper Topics to Consider for an Essay?

The Italian Renaissance lasted so long and coved so many fields that you have a wide range of topics to choose from when writing your essay. Choose the subject that interests you from the ideas below, add an own twist, and you are good to go to impress even the most demanding professor.

  • What are the most distinctive features of the Italian Renaissance?
  • Describe Donatello's David and Judith as political art.
  • What is the role of the Medici family in establishing the Renaissance movement?
  • Was Michelangelo influenced more by Greek or Roman art?
  • Why was the role of the Roman Catholic church questioned during the Renaissance?


How to Pick Win-Win Renaissance Research Paper Topics?

When selecting an idea for your research paper, go for something interesting, controversial, and unusual. Generic subjects don't work here. You need to narrow them down as much as possible and focus on a particular issue that wasn't widely discussed before.

  • Reflect on how Renaissance views on human life are different from those of the Middle Ages.
  • What were the most admired personal characteristics and human qualities during the period of the Renaissance?
  • How did Renaissance works of art reflect the ideals of this epoch?
  • What was the role of women during the Renaissance? Did humanism lead to improvements in their lives?
  • How were eroticism and sexuality reflected in the Renaissance art of the 16th century?


What Renaissance Topics for Presentation to Opt For?

When working on your college presentation, versatility is your ally. A broad subject helps you to narrow down to a specific aspect you are passionate about and conduct research that will have a value for the academic community. Hopefully, the following suggestions will get you a good start:

  • Renaissance art and human nature.
  • Compare and contrast Renaissance features in Northern and Southern Europe.
  • How did the Renaissance contribute to the scientific revolution?
  • What is the role of Michelangelo in the fields of architecture and art?
  • Pick any Renaissance artist. Describe their notable works and contributions to the movement.


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