Which Satire Essay Ideas and Topics Will Be Great for College Paper?

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05 Mar 2020

As the majority of high school and college students, you are often assigned to various articles, essays, and research papers. While this gives you a chance to research and write about many exciting subjects and topics, it also means that you can explore different styles of writing.

At some point, you'll be required to prepare a satirical essay. No matter how blithe and entertaining they seem, satirical topics can be rather tricky, which is why anyone dealing with them might use some guidance and professional help.

satire essay topics


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In this blog, you'll find some expert recommendations on choosing the best satire topics for an essay, and will get a chance to pick apt and funny ideas from our comprehensive list.


Where Can You Find the Most Interesting Topics for a Satire Essay?

If you were assigned to a satire essay, first of all, you should get a clear understanding of what it is. Satire is not a type of assignment, but an approach that can be applied to most various kinds of essays and topics. The aim of a satire essay (otherwise called a satirical essay) is to analyze a particular subject in a humorous way. You don't provide just facts on an issue, but also reflect your opinion on it through entertaining and sarcastic thoughts and comments.

Here's how you can pick good ideas for your satire essay:

  • Try to find some classic examples of satire in pop culture. Such shows as "Rick and Morty" or "The Simpsons," etc. can be a good start.
  • Everyday situations or latest events described on the Internet and in mass media can inspire you, too.
  • The best source of ideas for a satirical essay is real life. Try to think of some fun events that happen to you every day or have occurred before.

To make your essay unique, add some personal touch. You can speak on behalf of the main character or a narrator. Use metaphor, hyperbole, sarcasm, and add an unexpected twist to the plot.


What Are Some Funny Satire Essay Topics?

To craft an outstanding satirical essay, you should understand the concept of satire. Many people think that humor is rather a light-hearted laugh, while satire is more mean-spirited. However, this isn't exactly true. Satire can be defined as humor, which points out the flaws of somebody or something and mocks them, most often using means of hyperbole.

Further, we provide some good examples of essay topics where satire and exaggeration help to draw the readers' attention to significant problems.

  • How can one tell they're in love?
  • Worst pickup lines ever.
  • The best ways to gain more followers on Twitter.
  • How much do your followers on Instagram care what you had for lunch?
  • Video games help to develop valuable life and social skills.
  • Why does it take women an eternity to get ready?


What Are Good Satire Essay Topics That Provoke Debates?

A successful satire essay is the one that reflects the reality and makes both you and your audience draw clear parallels with real life. To choose the best topic, write down all your ideas and choose the one which interests and inspires you most; your enthusiasm will shine through the writing.

Here are some good satirical essay ideas that will definitely impress your teacher:

  • Smart ways to save money.
  • Some better ways to use your time than studying.
  • Best ways to convince people when you know you're lying.
  • How to write a review on a book you don't want to read.
  • The biggest scientific discoveries of all time.


What Satire Essay Topic Ideas Suit All College Students?

With all types of assignments becoming more advanced in college, satire essays may require a deeper understanding of satirical style, too. Top-quality satire essays should be humorous and make the audience laugh. They aim to launch a debate on a particular topic. While it's okay to make them sarcastic, they should never be mean or offensive and hurt other people's feelings. Remember that like everything else, humor should come in moderation: if trying to sound funny way too hard, you may end up making your essay boring and bizarre. Your main goal is to get your audience to think and question their system of beliefs.

Below you'll find some interesting satire essay topics explicitly selected for college students.

  • Most significant factors of stress in college.
  • Bullying at high school that grows into office harassment.
  • Why freedom of speech is overrated.
  • The best way to confront global warming is to deny it.
  • Future trends in informational technology.

It's no secret that satire essays can be challenging and make many students seek help. If you're looking for some writing guidance, you should consider applying to one of the best paper writing services available online – WePapers.com. From choosing a unique and funny idea to revising a piece you've prepared yourself – our team of professionals will help you craft a perfect essay that will wow your teacher. If you decide to pay for essay reviews or other types of writing help, just contact us today to get things rolling!


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