How to Choose Macroeconomic Essay Topics to Craft Great Papers?

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10 Apr 2020

Even if you are a real economic genius, finding an appropriate topic to write about could be as difficult as climbing the mountain. There is no single recipe for this, so students often have a hard time deciding which item to cover without encountering a writer's block. Nevertheless, we are here to give a useful guidance and equip you with the necessary skills needed to come up with a top-notch paper topic. So, let's begin.

First of all, a good topic means an interesting one – not only for you but also for your readers. You may doubt that your professor really cares. That may be true. Or may be not. The thing is, they have to grade so many papers, especially by the end of the semester, so it's not so easy to impress them with a worthy topic. You may do a great job researching the subject and structuring the text, but if the issue has already been discussed countless times or is too boring, you wouldn't have chances to spark your professor's attention. So, try to mind your audience's interests, even if it is the only person.

macroeconomics essay topics

Furthermore, if your ultimate goal is to get an A+, you need to make sure that there is enough data on the matter you're going to discuss before you actually start writing. Don't opt for a minor issue or a common question that already has a definite answer. Frankly speaking, if you really want to cover a popular subject or a problem that has been resolved, go for it, but try to look at the topic from a new angle. Who knows, maybe you'll come up with a novice solution.

There are plenty of inspiration sources that may help you find a macroeconomic issue you will be passionate to write about. Current news, online periodical literature on economics, the Wall Street Journal, etc. As arguably the best paper writing service on the market, we have also collected some winning ideas to get you started. Some of them may look quite general, but you are always free to add a personal touch to the one you choose.


What Are the Best Essay Topics for Macroeconomics to Start With?

Commonly, in their macroeconomics papers, students reflect on such fundamental concepts like consumption, unemployment, investments, savings, etc. Even though the two matters of primary concern in this field are saving and spending, you can always consider additional research paper topics as well. Below are some of the useful ideas you are welcome to try:

  • Banks and their role in a country's economy.
  • What are the main problems of the US 2020 state budget?
  • Compare and contrast the idea and features of Keynesian and classical macroeconomics. How can they be applied in modern economics?
  • What are the main factors that contribute to a country's economic growth?
  • Discuss the law of demand and supply in the global market.
  • Laffer curve: explain the theory, the ways of its application, successful examples of implementation.
  • Reflect on the contributing factors of an economic crisis.
  • How did Lee Kuan Yew manage to create an economic miracle in Singapore?
  • Analyze the reasons why Walmart stores offer low wages and how this case influences the US economy.
  • Discuss the problem of homelessness in a particular state from a macroeconomic perspective.


Can I Choose Argumentative Topic Ideas for Macroeconomics Essays?

Why not?! However, no matter how many essays you have to create during your academic career, argumentative economic papers are likely to give you the hardest time. To begin with, sometimes such topics are just not so easy to think up. To help you out, here are 10 ideas to grab your reader's' attention.

  • Why do some states stay poor while others develop fast?
  • Can a prospect of an economic recession be influenced by the lessen use of paper money?
  • Reflect on how e-commerce affects the country's economy as a whole.
  • Will the social security option still be available for future generations?
  • Discuss the consequences of marijuana legalization for state economies.
  • Do economic models that are studied in theory work so well for a real economic structure?
  • Should the US government strive for all citizens to be employed?
  • Does freelancing benefit the economy? Should the state create better conditions for such workers?
  • What is the impact of higher education on a country's economic growth?
  • Are small businesses important for the economy as a whole? Why or why not?


Phew, looks like that's it. We sincerely hope that this list of macroeconomics topics will serve you best and you will find an awesome idea for your paper. Still, if you don't feel confident you can manage this assignment on your own, don't panic. You can always ask our vetted experts to help you craft a top-notch essay. Our big team of degreed writers is ready to deal with any paper and any topic with ease. Just reach out to us with your 'write my college essay' request, and we'd competently do what we do best – cure a headache with academic chores!


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