Outstanding IB Extended Essay Topics

An extended essay is an essential part of an IB program. This is a research piece of about 4,000 words on a topic associated with one of the studied subjects. It provides students with an opportunity to perform an in-depth study of a problem interesting to them. As it all starts with an exciting issue, you need an idea that will truly inspire you. Fortunately, here you’ll find robust sample IB essay topics.

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extended essay topics


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Good Extended Essay Topics for IB

Writing such an essay helps to develop students’ ability to think independently and forms the skills of research work necessary for studying at the university. So you have to be serious about choosing the right topic.

If you don’t have a starting point yet, check out the ideas for the IB extended essay below divided into specific groups in accordance with subjects that are studied in the IB Diploma Program.


Visual Arts Extended Definition Essay Topics

Check out these awesome IB extended essay topics on visual arts that will help you write a great paper:

  • Francisco Pacheco’s treatise and the Spanish school of painting of the XVII century.
  • Floral motif in arts and crafts of medieval Japan.
  • Watercolor in the English landscape of the XVIII century: the problem of technology.
  • Surrealism and creativity of Salvador Dali in the visual arts of the XXth century.

History Extended Essay Topics

History is one of the most interesting IB subjects, so it’s easy for you to choose a great topic:

  • Caesar’s policy towards the Senate (49-44 BC).
  • Human rights and the labor movement in the USA at the end of the 19th century.
  • The revolution in military affairs and its impact on international relations.
  • The racial problem in American society in the postwar period.

Biology Extended Essay Topics

This is a list of good topics suitable for IB students studying biology and medicine:

  • The influence of environmental factors on the occurrence of cancer.
  • The structure of soil microbiota and its features in urban environments.
  • Anthropogenic impact on the development of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in the soil.
  • The toxic effect of a disinfectant on heterotrophic bacteria and daphnia in bio tests.

Psychology Extended Essay Topics

Take a look at the outstanding psychology essay topics! Use them in the form in which they are presented or use to come up with your own ideas:

  • Features of negotiations in extreme situations.
  • Types of cultural adaptation of migrants.
  • The psychological consequences of cyberbullying.
  • The influence of computer games on personality development.

English Extended Essay Topics

Are you taking IB English and need some inspiration for your extended essay? Then you came to the right place – check out these interesting topics:

  • Borrowings in the lexical system of the English language.
  • Inversion as a carrier of emotional charge in English.
  • Polysemy processes in modern scientific terminology.
  • Metonymic phraseological units in the modern media language.

Math Extended Essay Topics

Here are decent IB extended essay topics for students who are going to study math and computer science:

  • Mathematical modeling in meteorology.
  • Mathematical modeling of biological processes.
  • Algebra of binary relations and mappings.
  • The role of linear inequality systems in algebra and optimization theory.

Physics Extended Essay Topics

Chose to study physics? Then the following ideas are just for you:

  • Space imagery as the basis for global monitoring of the environment state on Earth.
  • Newton’s laws and their role in modern science and technology.
  • The laws of geometric and wave optics and features of human vision.
  • Physical foundations of modern light sources.

Chemistry Extended Essay Topics

Check out some good chemistry topics for your essay:

  • Transformation of eco-pollutants in the environment.
  • Pharmaceutical analysis of pyridine derivatives (nicotinic acid).
  • Determination of heavy metals in mosses.
  • Natural antioxidants: their effect on processes in living organisms.

IB Extended Essay Economics Topics

Economics, as well as business and management, are IB subjects that require good writing and analytical skills. Let these topics help you write a great extended essay:

  • Issue of securities as a way of financing the enterprise.
  • Futures contracts in financial risk management.
  • Budget surplus and methods of its distribution.
  • Features of unemployment in the USA.

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