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Entrepreneurial skills are not innate, but they can be learned and applied to real life situations. In reality, every individual is an entrepreneur but only few realize their true potential. According to the interview, the interviewee states that the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to instill innovation. Innovation does not always mean to decipher the most unique and unusual ways. The individual should be able to think out of the box in daily life situations to come up with ways of solving the problem most effectively. People who are able to make the most of their valuable time often succeed in achieving goals before others realize it. Successful entrepreneurs are able to identify opportunities before others in the market because of which they can maximize their returns and enhance their image when none or few competitors exist.
It is also important to understand that if one is able to identify opportunities before others they would be able to capture a greater share of the market. Adding on, customer loyalty can also be achieved at this point. Those entrepreneurs who are able to gain customer loyalty often benefit from this in the long-term. All large businesses start as very small ventures, and it is the loyalty of customers and employees that help them grow over time. The entrepreneur would only be able to master the skills of entrepreneurship if he/she has formal training and education. Our interviewee had a formal undergrad degree from Kuwait and a graduate level degree from UK. This goes to prove that without education one cannot succeed in the business world.
Even though the applied knowledge and skills may differ from textual knowledge, but textual knowledge gives an individual basis for making sound decisions in the real world. Most CEO’s start from a low-level managerial position and it is because of their performance that they are able to rise up to the level of CEO. Similarly, our interviewer would also be promoted as CEO in January 2015. The interviewer himself agrees that without hard work and commitment nothing can be achieved. One can clearly achieve what he/she desires through continuous strive towards the attainment of those objectives. At a personal level, the need for achievement must be very strong otherwise an individual may get discouraged and may not be able to achieve the end results.
Businesses must also have long-term plans which would give them a strategic viewpoint. Entrepreneurs should have the capacity to think for the entire organization rather than have a tunnel-vision in the favor of one department. Departmental or line managers who are unable to have a bird’s eye view about the organization are rarely able to succeed to the level of CEO. As a result, these CEO’s are also able to expand the business in areas where they identify new opportunities for the business. The interviewer has plans of diversifying the business into areas where they may not have prior experience, but this shows the confidence of the interviewer.
Entrepreneurs are not made overnight. A lot of hard work goes into the entrepreneur’s career for him/her to reach a specific position. The interview emphasizes the fact that entrepreneurial skills can be learned and are not innate. Consequently, those people who aspire to be entrepreneurs could reach that position with hard work and learning.

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