Essay On Frankenstein Mary Shelley The Original 1818 Text Third Edition

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Ethics is the set behavior and conduct in the professional field and relations to the society and ethics can also be defined as the moral principles that govern the behavior of a group or individual. The action done by any individual within a community setting may impact negatively or positively on the society, and the action may affect the person who took part in enforcing the decision or action. Being responsible in for your action and doing the right thing will help the society and also encourage individual growth. The essay will determine the ethical issue addressed within the text Frankenstein. The ethical issue will be analyzed in the modern contextual application. Are ethical issues meant to change with time or circumstances?
The text Frankenstein is about Victor Frankenstein, who is motherless who leaves his idyllic home to study chemistry and natural philosophy. After he reads the works of Cornelius Agrippa, he becomes curious on how to create a person by use of an unnatural way. He works in his laboratory for years and even forgets about his family. After he succeeds in his creation, he abandons it claiming that it is not appealing . He later discovers that his brother had been killed by the monster and did all he can to destroy it. He is unable and almost creates a female monster but destroys it later. The monster becomes angry and retaliates by killing Victor's bride, and Victor is determined to kill the creature until he goes to North Pole where he is rescued by a seaman. He dies while in North Pole and the creature mourns due to his death and decides to go to the sea to die.
The story depicts the monster to be evil and does not have mercy on anyone. Is the monster really evil or are the results due to how Victor treated? In the story, despite it been fictions, the ethical issue that is revealed in the sense of responsibility in our undertakings. Been responsible in all we do will eventually help the society if not us. When Victor was creating the creature, he did not consider the consequences of his action but the fame due to his success in his endeavor. The monster ended up killing the people who were close to him like his brother and his bride. In the first instant where the monster or the creature killed Victor’s brother, it was retaliating since Victor decide to abandon it . The retaliation shows the monster had human feelings that Victor did not consider before treating abandoning it. In this case, Victor did not tell anyone about the issue and who exactly killed his brother. The monster ended up framing the best friend for the death of Victor's brother.
The monster is not evil since it talks to Victor about the need to create a companion for him. The monster feels lonely just like Victor felt lonely when Elizabeth, his bride, was killed by the monster. The monster is not evil, but the problem arises when Victor mistreats it. Every time Victor mistreats it, it ends up harming somebody. This shows that the monster is not bad the only problem is how it retaliates. Victor should take responsibility for the actions done by the monster since he is the one who makes it behavior that way. From the text, the monster tries to console Victor when his bride dies. This is a proof that the monster is human just like Victor. The monster even mourns the death of Victor by going deep into the sea to die also due to the death of his creator.
In our daily activities, it is important for an individual to analyze a situation and decide the best way to deal with it. The best way should be the ethical way and provide a solution that is workable to any misfortunes that may occur. For example, a scientist in their activities should act ethically and provide other solutions to the problem before it escalate into a bigger problem that cannot be solved by anyone. The point that supports my answer to being responsible for our activities is the point where Victor becomes desperate to kill the monster even making a point of going to North Pole . He feels that he is the one causing all this problems, and he wants to eliminate the problem by killing the creature.


Ethical practices should be the first concerns to all the daily activities that we do, and we should never try to bypass any practice that is ethical. Before one determines what is right or wrong, there are two issues that should be considered: first, the take of the society and individual conscience. When this two are considered then, the professional ethical practices should be able to guide you appropriately. If Victor could have followed ethical practices and also treated the monster well, he could not have faced the problems he faced.

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