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China over the period of 2000-2006 witnessed several changes ranging from politics, astronomy, economics, government and legal systems. These changes were, however, linked to being positive and most obvious changes were that systems improved. It is normal that any country or institution that undergoes changes revolve culturally and at least transform into some operational programs. Policies change, financial sectors, work systems and even forum trends. This paper will thus explore the six major changes in China from 2000 to 2006. These changes range from political, governmental, economical, legal and astronomical ones.
Politically, a visit was made in China by the US president in 2002. George Bush visited China and by then he was a major political figure in the US. In 2003, Hu Jintao was elected as the new president of China and during this time George Bush pointed out human rights to be important. When George Bush visited China, there were threats from terrorists and economic development was not stabilizing in any way. This was exactly thirty years after Nixon had visited China and at least Bush tried to make some changes to the political structure of the nation. The purposes of visiting China by George Bush were those of international relations and the Chinese had to keep a good relation with the US powers (Darido, 63). Besides, George Bush could help in keeping China safe by involving his powers and international relations of China with other countries was boosted. Hu Jintao, who was elected as the president in 2003 participated in communist party bureaucracies that promoted China’s political power.
In Astronomy, Shenzhou became the first human spaceflight mission in the space program of China. In 2003, the first manned spacecraft sent to orbit. Long March 2 F was manned by an astronaut called Yang Liwei and this was also his first manned aircraft. In 2005, astronauts were sent into space and to be specific the astronauts were two in number. These two astronauts who were sent into space were involved in circling the earth and Shenzhou VI space capsule was made available for the astronomical purposes involved. Astronomy in China has had a very long history and historians even indicate that the Chinese were the most accurate and persistent people and celestial phenomena observers (Zezhong Xiao, 200). These detailed astronomical records are said to have begun during the periods of warring states and later flourished onward from the Han period. Expansion of Buddhism is what made some elements of Indian astronomy to expand to China after the Dynasty of Eastern Han. For astronomical purposes, Chinese history mentions why astronomy split from astrology. The division that made specialization ensured that most concentration was based on each field and that is why we can today talk about the achievements of the astronomical sector.
Economically, China is mentioned to have entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) and this took place exactly in November 2001. Becoming a WTO member made China to open up its markets for more investments and international trading. With an economic concern for the country, China’s population reached 1.3 billion in 2005. This was a major economic concern because of the country’s fast population growth. The population somehow beats economic development and expectations for poverty rose. In 2006 a major economic development was experienced in China and three Gorges Dam wall was built (Zezhong Xiao et al., 218). This dam was by then the largest in the world and its completion in China made China even more famous. The Three Gorges Dam was an economic show in China because it would bring several economic gains that would boost China’s development. Also, water as an economic resource would cease to be a problem in China and settlements would experience sufficiency. To date, China is most talked about when it comes to mentioning countries that hold the future of the world’s economy. China’s economy is now based on agriculture and even before industrialization the country depended on agriculture. Its economic stability has had an impact on the global trading since history with the availability of natural resources and a good manpower to posses and builds the world’s largest economy.
For entertainment in China, heroes, including Director Zhang Yimou, Actor Jet Li, Chui Wai Leung, Actress Maggie Cheung and Zhang Ziyi rocked the sector. These film makers were nominated the best foreign language film in 2003 and this took place at the Oscar Golden Globes. The filmmakers are up to date known as heroes in the Chinese entertainment industry. The film of House of Flying daggers also made a good development in China in the entertainment industry. Its director was Zhang Yimou and it was nominated to be the best achievement in Oscar’s cinematography. China was also nominated during this period as the best foreign language film of golden globes. Some sports activities also may feature within the entertainment sector of China because the entertain people. Beijing, China was awarded the 2008 Olympic Games in the year 2001.The Olympic Awards were, however, due to take place in 2008 later, but the winners had to be awarded the gifts in advance so that when the time for gaming reached the players would be ready (Lee, 423). Also, there was an entertainment world record that was broken by Liu Xiang an however, it had to be proved legally. This gold medal was won in 110 hurdles and it made the country of China a proud one.
In legal activities, 2002 was when China found SARS first in Guangdong. Liu Xiang also won the gold medal in 110 hurdles. He broke the world’s record and later and China became among the most prominent countries that were legally supported to engage in sports. The visits made by leaders also ensure that the legal systems in China were strengthened. For the government, there were few changes in management with leaders being elected into prominent seats. Hu Jintao was successfully elected in 2003 as the new president with political powers (Lee, 426). The government then changed and Chinese citizens had to adjust to another ruling system within their territory.
Finally, the changes that took place in China between the years of 2000 to 2006 all involve revolutions that can take place in countries. Changes can come with acceptance or resistance, but in most cases the positive ones are highly welcomed. Like in China, the discussed changes came with surprising developmental agendas and changed the lives of many people. It is then that liberty for individuals began to increase and the virtue of hard work came up. Developments and positive changes bring hard work among citizens like the Chinese did after the positive changes, business acumen and creation of wealth also come up. An automatic positivity in politics develops the nation economically, socially, culturally and legally.

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