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Despite the fact that United States of America ranks as one of the most developed nations in the world, many Americans live in poor health because the lack access to best medical care. Health care problems affect people from all walks of life, but the challenges are more pronounce to racial and ethnic minorities. The disadvantaged populations in America always live under poor conditions and have many problems accessing quality health because most of them lack basic health insurance cover. Health disparities exist among racial and minority groups in America. The Hispanic community in U.S. forms one of the such groups representing some health disparities (Mead et al., 2008).
The American Government had failed to recognize the Hispanic Community because it is one of the minority groups in U.S. experiencing a lot of neglect. The U.S. government took an action in an effort to ensure availability of health care services to all and introduced the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The U.S. President Barrack Obama launched the ACA, also referred to as the Obama Act focusing on reducing the number of uninsured populations in U.S. ACA expands Medicaid and create new health insurance exchange markets with reduced premiums in order to help low-income earners access health care services. More than 50 million of Hispanic communities live in United States making it seventeen percent of the total population. Most of Hispanic population lacks valid health insurance and are always experiencing challenges accessing health care services (Keiser Family Foundation, 2013).
The Obama act has played a significant role in reducing health disparities among the Hispanic community. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Department gives priority to 8 out of 10 uninsured Hispanics direct qualification to Medicaid. Additionally, people benefiting from Medicaid and other health insurance grants have the opportunity of enrolling their siblings at low tax credits. Presently, more than 42 million Latinos living in U.S. have been allowed access to health care services with the help of ACA (Garcia, 2014). ACA contains multiple sections within the U.S. health policy act aimed at increasing diversity in the dental, mental health, long-term care, and primary care. The act also gives priority to minority populations like the Latinos to serve as medical experts in some local health care centers in U.S.
ACA has been effectively implemented in almost every State in America. Nevada is one of the busiest states in America, and the presence of a significant population of people calls for practical implementation of ACA. The U.S. president launched Medicaid as a state-operated program aimed at offering critical medical care services to vulnerable populations. ACA has contributed to an increased portion of the budget of Nevada’s expenditure. The state allocates more than 12 percent of its budget to Medicaid. Nevada has approximately 620000 uninsured people, and ACA has managed to establish a coverage provision across all populations to ensure every individual access quality health services irrespective of income level. Additionally, the Nevada state has made ACA eligible to low-income adults making it easier for the population to access premium credit taxes that allow people purchase insurance directly in Health Insurance Marketplaces across the state. Finally, the state of Nevada’s management plays a significant role in ensuring that vulnerable populations get priority in offering Medicaid. The state is also in the process of expanding health insurance coverage in order to ensure ACA totally covers every individual in order to fulfill the American’s 2020 healthcare goals.


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