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Despite the fact the united States does not have the totally controlled system of delivery of he health care services there is a long history of local, federal and even state involvement in its development and improvement. The main reasons the belief that the health of the individual reflects the health of the nation, the stable development of economy and political prosperity.
Special place in the health care services is given to the women healthcare. The gender discrimination and the serious need in the development of the new legislation basis that guarantees women equal right for healthcare treatment and support has been a topic for a discussion during the e last two centuries. Executive branch has the right to change the federal healthcare laws and therefore to expand the women healthcare and support its development.
It is necessary to underline that United States is one of the countries with the most develop executive branch of power that has all features of democratic government actor. Therefore, the presence of the series of female executives within the country that specified in women healthcare is the real demonstration of the development of this sector of healthcare within the country.
One of the most outstanding women that played important role in the development of women health care is Lois Dehls Cornell. At the position of Chief Administrative Officer within the General Counsel that worked within the Tufts Health Plan she paid special attention to the human resources management in the healthcare institution and the transformation of strategic initiatives.
This woman also pays attention to the judiciary aspect of woman healthcare and therefore protects right of women that work in this sphere and also are patients of the multiple healthcare institutions.
One of the most well-known initiatives launched by the executives is the formation of The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that is responsible for the development of more than 300 social health care programs (McBride, Perry, 2010). This is a serious change for the health care sector over the period of the American history as much more finances is given to this sector, as well as the level of protection of women is one of the key issues for the contemporary heath care.
Despite the fact that women have always been fighting it can be stated that there is serious improvement the health care conditions that are provided to female citizens. This can be supported by the statistics provided by the United States Council of Women and Girls, specifically The Women in America report that gives detailed information about the issue.
First of all, the women’s life expectancy has serious enlarged through the years and women are still living longer than men. The report states that women are more liable for the number of critical problems with health and chronic health conditions such as depression or asthma. This is because they are less active and therefore have serious risks to be obese.
Therefore, the objective physical specifications of female citizens that can develop into serious problems with health are recognized on the official level and followed by the elaboration of specific health care programs, such as depression recovery or post-traumatic recovery programs.
National health reforms that occurred in the last centuries were generally stimulated by women and the development of multiple social movements. The main achievement of that period is universal health care that has reduced the amount of people with serious health problems and gave a new push to the development of medicine (Council of Women And Girls, 2015).
It can be said that together with executive branch, serious role in the development of the women health care played legislative branch as the formation of the new laws and reforms was organized with the help of the representatives of the state legislature.
Committee for National Health Insurance that has had its first meeting of women within the aspect of the universal health care in 1970 made the necessity of the reform obvious and the new reform programs have emerged. The most well-known and criticized was Clinton’s program that was specially criticized by the Older Women’s League (Shi, Singh, 2005).
However, despite all the weak sides, it was one of the most important steps in this sphere that underlined the special role of women health care in life of United States and the concentration of social attention on this specific issue.


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