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Apple Inc. is believed to have rolled out its operations out of an idea of a single man- This is Steve Jobs. Jobs’ the leading techno-prenuer, has had the long journey to the success story owing to his entrepreneurial believes. He and a close friend, Steve Wozniak both high school dropouts from the Silicon Valley are extremely intelligent and innovative (Santa Clara Historical Society, 2012). Out of their teamwork, the duo while working at the Hewlett Packard (Hp) founded the now giant techno-company – Apple Inc. in April 1976. Since then, as most columns will refer, is all history.
Apple Inc. Products.
The organization has over the years continually revolutionized the manner in which society all world over utilize computer technology, use the internet, enjoy music and video as well as communicate freely through the phone and other gadgets. The organization started business with the first computer in 1976. This was the Apple I. Though, history has it that the initial product was not very appealing that it would draw society and market attention, Steve and Wozniak forged on to avail their second product, the Apple II (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2012). Indeed, this was their break-through pint, attracting numerous sales in the 1980s. It was the turning moment for the young organization that at the time even hired 1000 employees to help with production, distribution and sales.
Remarkably, (Bajarin, 2011) note that the organization went ahead and released spectacular technology products such as the famous Macintosh. In 1998 after the return of Jobs at Apple Inc. after an extended departure, the organization introduced the remarkable iMac. iMac was an incredible product as it opened up for new and innovative product in the Information and Technology (IT) sector, Telecommunications and Engineering sectors. Most extraordinarily, are the Telecommunications products like the iPad, iPod, iTunes and iPhone that took the globe with a sneer swipe (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2012). Emanating from a consistently rated no.1 position for the best company and having the no.1 Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Apple Inc. Still is the world’s best company.

Apple Inc. Structure

Apple Inc. Managerial Structure
Over the years, the organization has encountered numerous changes in the manner they operate and manage business. After the untimely demise of the famous CEO, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took over as the CEO ( The CEO is in charge of all the operations of the organization and is rightly guided by the Board of Directors. Down the command chain, Cook is assisted by a team of Vice Presidents as illustrated below.

Apple Inc.’s Vision

Committed to providing the best, Apple Inc. Offers the best personal computing experience to business, education, creative professionals and consumers globally through our innovative hardware, internet and software technologies (Apple, Inc., 2012).

Apple Inc.’s Mission

The organization endeavors to be the best personal computers, Apple designs providers globally, be a leading digital music provider and define and redefine the future of mobile media (Apple, Inc., 2012).
Figure 1Apple Inc. Organizational Structure Source: (Apple, Inc., 2012)

Apple Inc. Values

The organization believes in innovation, simplicity, ownership & control, significant market contribution, focusing on only a few projects other than numerous of them, collaboration and excellence (Apple, Inc., 2012).

Apple Inc.’s Business Strategy and Goals

Apple Inc. External Environment
There exist numerous factors associated with the external environment of the Apple Inc In the following segment, the study will avail two critical factors.

Advancements in Technology

It will be a consensus that, the world today is a platform of continued innovation, growth, and development. The technology sector (computer hardware and software industry) has born this blunt all along. Technological advancement is a top factor in the industry (Santa Clara Historical Society, 2012). Innovation of technical advancement avails faster, friendly, compatible, better and cheaper electronic products annually. This factor may stand to cater for both an internal and external business environment factor. Internally, technology advancement is a critical concern influencing the success of an organization. Its influence ranges from company effectiveness and operationalization within the enterprise. Externally, this factor is reliant on consumer preference and competitor products. For instance, in the US computer hardware market, shipping of Personal Computers (PCs) declined sharply in 2012 by 5.7% from the 2011 mark. Conversely, shipment of tablets, iPhones and smart gadgets rose by 66.2% and 31% respectively. This clearly indicated a consumer-preference shift from PCs to smart devices (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2012). Moreover, newer products by competitors (e.g. Acer, Hp, ASUS, Sony, and Samsung) would compel the Apple Inc.’s products to decline in demand and this calls for an upbeat and flexible business strategy that will help the organization keep up with technological changes.

Social-Cultural Segment

Worstall (2012) describes that Apple Inc.’s success is immensely reliant on the factor of society and culture. It forms an indispensable element for multinational organizations such as Apple Inc. Since it not possible to adapt to the numerous cultures, Apple encounters much difficulty in entering and maintaining operations in markets that are insufficient and unpopular of the 3G and 4G technologies. In markets such as Asian markets, the issue of trading in cash is a great concern. Further, the Chinese will prefer to purchase what they see. Thus, the credit and card transactions are unacceptable.

Primary Stakeholders and the Financial Performance of Apple Inc.

A corporate stakeholder may fall into the category of either internal or external stakeholder. The stakeholder can influence or be influenced by the operations of the organization. Primary stakeholders are those individual or group entities that are either on the verge of influencing or being influenced by organization actions.
Figure 2Internal and External Stakeholders of Apple Inc.
i. Employees
The Apple Inc. Employees will wish to acquire job security with the organization and draw high wages. Undeniably, engaging the employees in decision-making at Apple enhances creativity, sense of belonging and innovation; elements that constitute the organization’s values.
ii. Management
This cluster may entail the ownership and the top executive team. IIt will include the Board of Directors, CEO, senior vice presidents and directors who head the operations of the organization. Re-valuing senior executives in the organization enhances the ability to identify and curb strategy failure
iii. Suppliers
In addition to availing quality products, Apple Inc. is known for its comprehensive supply chain management. A well-managed supply chain enhances effectiveness as the organization’s consummate demand-shaping capability allows the chain to achieve spectacular results devoid of rigorous processes and costs (Worstall, 2012). Based on a supply chain perspective, the organization consistently enhances operational and innovation excellence viable for handling the most competitive markets globally. It results from Apple Inc. Contracting numerous global suppliers. In a snapshot, the Apple Inc. Supply chain is quite impressive, active and efficient.

Apple Inc. Consumers

Essentially, the point of having a great producer and excellent products is embed in the potential of the target market for such products. The organization focuses on marketing to consumers with several distinctive traits. It will entail consumers who are in the middle and upper incomes classes because these demographics have the potential and wiliness to part with a bit more for a ‘better user experience’. More precisely, technological investors and innovators will wish to appeal to consumers with a great affinity for ‘fun with technology’.
v. Society
The community forms a central influence for Apple Inc. Not only does the firm gain profits from community purchases, but also gain from satisfied customers and establishing long-term relationships key to building sustainable success.

Financial Performance

Apple Inc.’s stock price in the recent past has risen much higher, and it is evident that it has even performed much better than the lead competitor Hp (Worstall, 2012). Stock price index is an indication of firm performance where it can be evident that Apple’s stock went up by 361.25% ranging from 2007 to 2002.
Figure 3Unaudited Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations Source: (www.
Figure 4 Apple Inc., Selected Revenue Information, 2002-2009 ($Million) and % Growth Ratios form 2002-2009 Source: (www.
Figure 5Apple Inc.'s % Stock price index from 2008 -2012 Source: Source: (www.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The prominence of CSR had pleasantly shifted from an unnecessary addition to an indispensable business function. CSR at Apple Inc. is aimed at the practical use and utilization of her resources in engaging in events and operations that not only increase their profits and shareholder wealth, but also enhances sustainability in the long run provided the organization operates within its set goals, objectives, and domain. Sustainability is achieved through furthering some social good, beyond the profits of the firm and which is provided by law. For instance, Apple Inc. is wholly concerned with her employees’ welfare through comprehensive remuneration and whistle-blowing procedures. Regardless, this does not enhance social responsibility as it an elementary requirement by Law (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002). Thus, CSR will entail such activities that improve community, stakeholders’ lives and the environment.
Significantly, Apple Inc. engages in four particular CSR concerns such as sustainable supply chain strategies, corporate philanthropy, environmental responsibility and consumer well-being. The company enhances a sustainable chain strategy by procuring from suppliers who adhere to health and safety of her staff. There is a great concern not only on what suppliers avail, but also how they avail them. After joining the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) (Bajarin, 2011) Apple Inc. and is aimed at enhancing the organizational, environmental footprint.


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