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Euthanasia is considered to be the act of ending the life of a human or a creature experiencing a hopeless infection, encountering excruciating enduring, in responding to requests without medical indications in a painless or minimally painful form, in order to alleviate the suffering, as well as measures against stray animals in order to reduce their population in cities, and that is practiced in the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries by means of lethal injection, which causes a painless death during the process of sleeping.(Young 7)
The Netherlands is a pioneer in the sanctioning of willful demise. In 1984, the Supreme Court has perceived intentional killing with purpose to reduce suffering to be adequate. This experience of the Netherlands became very useful for plenty of advanced countries to think about this controversial issue. (Young 17)
As the result, in 2002 euthanasia was sanctioned in Belgium. In 2003, willful extermination has served as a method to leave an existence for 200 critically ill patients. Since April 2005, the Belgian pharmacies started to sell special kits for euthanasia to simplify the procedure for voluntary withdrawal from life. The kit cost about 60 euros, and includes a disposable syringe with poison and other necessary tools for injection.(Young 18)
Set for euthanasia may be ordered only by practitioner who must specify the exact dosage of poison. It is possible to place your order after contacting one of the 250 Belgian pharmacies that have a license for selling euthanasia kits.
According to the law in Belgium it is possible to euthanize only those patients who are older than 18 years old, and who are suffering from an incurable disease. After several written requests, confirming strong determination of the patient, the doctor can perform euthanasia. According to official statistics, 40 percent of euthanasia is carried out to the patient's home. In the US, a law allowing medical assistance in the implementation of suicide patients in the terminal stage was adopted (with some restrictions) in November 1994 in Oregon.
In regard to religion, all the fundamental world religions strictly prohibit the process of life deprivation. First of all, we must recognize that there is no single rule that can be applied to anyone, because in each case it is necessary to take into account some certain circumstances. In addition, any Christian should take into account the laws of the country he lives in. It should also be remembered that a faithful Christian will not disregard medical advice. As the result, according to the religion, euthanasia is possible only if it is well established that the disease is at the terminal stage and the situation is really hopeless. And only after that we can discuss whether it is necessary to continue to use life support techniques. In such cases, there is no Biblical reason to insist on the use of medical techniques that can only extend the dying process for a little bit longer period of time.(Larue 15)
The problem of euthanasia has always been among top controversial issues in the American society. And there is no wonder why, the problem of euthanasia is a complex problem that is subject to medicine, philosophy, and law. The majority of doctors all over the world support the idea of euthanasia. Philosophy has no is more likely to say to euthanasia, but by itself appears to be the sphere of knowledge that never has a concrete answer to any of the questions it studies. Legal aspect of euthanasia appeared to be a paradox when the Netherland adopted legislation that made euthanasia legit, and since then more and more countries have been adopting their legislation to regulate the issue.

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