Good Essay On Humanities Through The Arts

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Humanities 1010-022

Humanities Through the Arts
4. What is beauty? In what ways can beauty be said to exist? How is beauty important to the lives of men and women? How is beauty judged? Does beauty have a moral value? How is beauty created by human beings? How does the individual talent work within inherited forms? What is art? What are the arts?
The common understanding about the existence of art is to display beauty and express aesthetic value that would significantly affect man. There is a positive effect in the viewers while looking at the beauty of art through various works such as paintings, sculptures, and others. The general consideration of art is the capturing the essence of beauty on canvass or any medium that would be made as a lasting legacy. The full knowledge of man equates art to beauty. But how can art be judged when the aesthetic beauty is radically misrepresented? In the postmodernism, the art is considered radical. The art works on this era is a paradox of the traditional standards of beauty. There is so much controversy upon the aesthetic quality of the arts that belong in the postmodernism as they are significantly different from the normal trends of man’s consideration of beauty.
The period of post modernism in the art history shifted the standards of what art is all about. Most of the concepts of the arts in this period are abstract and absurd. The elements of art are mostly crafted creatively in intentional disarray. The forms are deliberately hidden, vague, and sometimes overlapping. The breaking forms in these arts are commonly seen in the output of the artists belonging in this art era. The subject matters are depicted with discontinuity with mismatch colors. The space elements are mostly used with disproportionality. The forms appear in symbols where there are hidden messages and contexts behind the physical appearance of the art work. Postmodernism is a total deviation of the aesthetic standards. The breaking forms that appear in the canvasses of the many artists are mostly misunderstood by the public. There are few people that comprehend the essence of the work, while there are some who considers their work as junks and totally nonsensical. Beauty is naturally a metric consideration for any art work. People who look at an art expects to see beauty in a flat and traditional meaning. Art is one of the avenues of man to ease their burdens. The expectations of art must be to bring a sense of elation in the viewers as they are displayed along the walls. But this is not the case while looking at the breaking forms of the postmodern arts. There is a different effect of these arts that brings to man. Not everyone perceives their beauty and not everyone appreciates and understands their essence. There is a conflict in the sense of beauty and the way it expressed in the arts of the post modernism. However, it does not mean that beauty is inexistent. It does not follow that the arts of this period, despite their breaking forms, do not contain beauty in their own sense. Instead, the beauty in these arts is embedded in the context of the art works. The meanings and symbolisms of the arts are deeper, more intriguing, and truly captivating. When the meanings of these arts are understood, then beauty in a deeper sense is finally appreciated and bring out the right effects to man.
Beauty encompasses a weighty definition. Beauty is an affecting factor that makes a man appreciates the vision and life as a whole. It is often equated with art, where the aesthetic value is automatically appreciated and counted as supreme. Beauty is what man seeks in almost everything that his senses can reach. In the vision sense, the aesthetic values of beauty are seen on the actual physical matter. Beauty contributes greatly to the innermost part of the human beings where the sense of elation and happiness that beauty brings to man is considered as priceless. The judgment of beauty differs from one man to another. There are those that see beauty in a certain aspect while others do not appreciate them one bit. In the postmodern arts, the beauty embedded in the arts is mostly unappreciated and misunderstood. The beauty in the postmodern art done by artists is considered radical and overly expressive. However, the essence of the beauty in them is judged differently. There are many perspectives in looking at artworks. The beauty in these arts may be different from the traditional ones, but they are essentially equal. Art must not be limited by the traditional aesthetic standards. It is high time for humanity to see beyond the physical realm of things. Postmodernism as an art is an expression of deeper aspects of life. When they are understood, the viewer will be overwhelmed by a deep sense of beauty. In the end, the appreciation of beauty still lies in every individual.

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