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It is up to every separate individual what is the activity of his life and which goals and principles will be suitable for him to pursue. The United States is a democratic country and throughout the centuries it has developed its policy of liberal rights for citizens. Most laws in the country are governed by each separate state, so different parts of the USA may have quite unsimilar pillars of justice. Same-sex marriage is an issue that is regarded differently at the state level, and it is interesting what is the current status of the issue in the United States. This issue is urgent for meeting social requirements. Same-sex relationships gradually gain popularity among the society and the representatives of such groups are enquired whether they can lead a transparent social life together (Koppelman, 2006).
Until 2004 same-sex marriages have been officially prohibited by all U.S. jurisdictions. Starting from 1924 various same-sex rights organizations, including the Stonewall riots (series of demonstrations of 1969 against police raid at the Stonewall Inn; are considered to be the main event leading to the same-sex liberation) have been created with the purpose of promoting the idea of legalization of same-sex rights and in order to gain social and lawful approval of such relationship format. Barack Obama was the first president who approved the idea of same-sex marriage publicly.
Marriages of people of the same sexes are now legalized in 36 states and Washington D.C. in America. Nowadays 70% of Americans live in the environment where the idea of same-sex marriage is fully adopted and legalized (Sterngass, 2012). It may be predicted that licenses for such marriage will be issued in all American states in quite a short-term period of time. If the basis of the present day society is freedom and democratism than why must social ideas and morals be declined by the government? Everyone is free to build his own life as he wishes.
List of words, word-combinations and phrases that were used for searching the material: same-sex marriage; defense of marriage act; states with legal same-sex marriage; same-sex rights organizations; the Stonewall riots; marital status; rights for same-sex couples; rights equality; same-sex marriage legalization; marriage rules in the US.

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