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Mechanical Engineering is a very broad topic and field. In the field of engineering, it is considered to be one of the broadest and oldest disciplines. Its breadth ranges from the need to design and produce simple small devices to manufacturing large systems. Graduates of this degree are the engineers in charge of creating and leading the industry of technology by manufacturing mechanical systems and thermal devices as well as technical processes. They create different products ranging from personal computer and air conditioners to engines and control systems for automobiles and aircraft and power generation plants. That is why it can be said that almost every product has somehow had a touch of a mechanical engineer (ASME, 2000).
As mentioned above, mechanical engineer's tasks include materializing an idea into a product and place it in a market, but in order for them to do so a lot of principles have to be learned and acquired. Mechanical engineering includes the principles of energy, materials, and mechanics. It also requires understanding the forces and thermal environment that the product will be facing (Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, n.d.). Their task is extended to knowing design components such as functionality, aesthetics and withstanding ability of the product. But most of all in order to determine the success of what they will do, the product that they will make has to be manufactured and function properly, without any failure (Columbia Engineering, n.d.).
That is why this profession requires a great deal of specific skills that can be acquired through education, exposure, training and experience. Good foundation subsumes skills in different mathematical field such as algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry. Knowledge in different hard sciences such as chemistry and physics is also required. Strong understanding on technology related subjects and mechanical drawing is also important as designing is an important part of this field (ASME, 2000).

Career opportunities

With such broad range of field, mechanical engineers can explore different departments or majors in their field. But the most common ones are in the field of environment and oil and fuel.
Even in the environment's natural movement, mechanical engineering is involved as there is a mechanical process in it such as movement of heat, noise or pollutants. Mechanical engineers deal not just with the industrialization of the product but with its environmental impact as well. They consider the recyclability of the product or the system. They use different kinds of model to understand movements of the three major pollutions, air, ground, and water, and their pollutants. They also try to develop effective control system or tools for these problems. Mechanical engineers also associate different things and try to look for their correlation if there is any. One of the examples that they did was when they made a model of the mechanical relationship between power plant emissions and acid rain.
Noise control also falls in the category of environmental engineering. In this area, mechanical engineers help in solving the problem with noise control. Another very important aspect of environmental engineering is the solid waste processing. In this aspect, mechanical engineers are the ones who design and construct solid waste processing facilities where recycling and conversion facilities for converting waste to energy are being done (Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, n.d.).
The role of the mechanical engineers is not just bounded to solid waste management but can also go to matters which are related to ocean engineering. There are universities that offer Master’s degree in ocean engineering focusing in marine hydrodynamics, Design Principles for Ocean Vehicles, Acoustics and Sensing, Structural Mechanics, and Structural Dynamics. There are also some that covers Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering which can be applied in designing ships. Oceanographic Engineering is also being offered in some universities to enhance an engineer’s knowledge in oceanographic studies (MIT, 2014-2015).
Another field that can be explored by graduates of this engineer is the oil industry. Mechanical engineers play a vital role in this industry by working in arctic and offshore operations, fuel transport, new fuel technologies, gas and oil drilling and production, hydrocarbon processing, materials and equipment design and manufacture, pollution control, and synfuels and coal technology. Mechanical engineers also play a role in search for innovation of the technologies involved in renewable energy sources.
Mechanical engineers are the one responsible for assessing the structural integrity and reliability of the offshore structures and process plants. They assess, design, and modify possible repairs in operation’s new and existing fixed and floating structures (Atkins, n.d.).
Generally, they are the ones who are responsible for planning and designing engines, equipment, machines and tools. They are the ones in charge in overseeing the whole process of installation, maintenance, operation and repair of equipment. Other than that, they also cover reading and interpreting blueprints and technical drawings and assisting drafters in developing the structural design of plant (ShaleNET, 2013).
Therefore, it can be concluded that unlike other type of engineering, mechanical engineering is known for its versatility as it covers almost everything when it comes to technology and development. They also provide managerial skills that are very much needed in overseeing production and operations. This field offers a wide field to students who can specialize into a deeper and more detailed line of engineering by taking master’s degree.

Mechanical Engineering vs. Mechanical Engineering Technology

As it was mentioned above mechanical engineering is focused more on the conceptualization and organizational aspect of this engineering task. On the other hand, mechanical engineering technology is the application part. Graduates are more limited in scope and are practically oriented. They focussed more on power generation, product and machine design, utilities and manufacturing through assigned design projects. They ME technologist are the one in charge to apply or physically manufacture the products proposed by the mechanical engineers. Some are in charge of the quality control while some assist in design works that usually use computer-aided design (CAD) equipment. But in general, graduates of this course are expected to work with latest technology to produce cost-effective design and hold professional position in machine design, manufacturing engineering, development testing, operations and technical sales (RIT, n.d.)
If the mechanical engineers require a great deal of understanding in mathematics and different sciences, ME technologists only require basic knowledge on mathematics natural engineering sciences and practices, and economic principles to solve design problems. ME technologists are one who manufactures the products or the equipment that the mechanical engineers do or formulate while the engineers oversees the whole productions. The mechanical engineers study engineering courses to understand theory behind while mechanical engineering technologists study technical courses to apply in industrial problems.
If the mechanical engineers figure out how a repair should be done, it will be then discussed to the mechanical engineering technologist who will be actually processing the repairs. In other words, the mechanical engineering technologists are the hands of the operations that require mechanical engineers.
Engineering technologists mostly specialize in certain areas and skill. The most popular ones are the electrical and electronic engineering technologists which comprises 42 percent of all engineering technologists. Other specializations include Aeronautical Engineering Technology, Air Conditioning Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, etc. which are all being covered by mechanical engineering alone. This is why, associates or graduates of this course needs to identify where they want to go before enrolling their subjects unlike in mechanical engineering that students will have an overview or understanding of each basic engineering concept that they can use once they start working.


Mechanical engineering is truly a versatile field. It does not just cover design or production. It also requires learning managerial and communication skills, as one has to deal with people in operations. Aside from that, knowledge on budgeting, law, social and environmental issues has to be acquired as well to fully equip oneself in being a mechanical engineer. That’s why it can be quite confusing for graduates or students on where will they go after. Most students focus on design engineering. With all the things that this field touches, there can be no absolute solution to all problem as they vary from case to case that’s why it is important to apply what one learns while in school and to continue learning. This can be challenging but it is one good thing about mechanical engineering as well, it’s a never ending learning.


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