Sample Essay On Diversity At The Hospital

Identified problem: Incivility is among the major problem facing nurses at the hospitals. This is where the nurses at the health care receive the offensive or the impolite comments from both the patients and the other workers (Mikaelian & Stanley, 2016). Nurses have been reporting of being abused, intimidate, harassed, bullying, and violence among other forms of incivility at the healthcare.

Diversity at the Hospital Essay

Point of Pride: The first way of achieving the desired best practice is through improving the skills of the nurses. Secondly is identifying and recognizing the position of the nurses at the health care (Abdollahzadeh et al., 2017). Thirdly is implementation of the rules and policies which encourage kindness action among the staff. Lastly, is through the regular encouragement of the nurses not to easily make the conclusions about the motives or the intent of the patients and the other staffs.

Action Item: The revision of the policies and the rules of the hospital encouraged the staffs to be in their best behaviors as going against them will result to a heavy punishment (Clark, 2017). All the nurses were asked for the view on how to reduce the incivility among them and the best action was taken. Any employee that would be seen supporting the incivility would receive a punishment which will discourage other from performing the same action. On the other hand, those supporting civility receive the awards for the support.

Rationale: Incivility is the biggest problem that is being reported at the hospitals. Mostly, it does not occur as a matter of age or gender but also as result of the race and believes of an individual about others makes one to become uncivil hence the incivility action to the others.


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